Informatics and Analytics Cycling

Some examples to show work underway in cycling.

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Informatics and Analytics Cycling by Mind Map: Informatics and Analytics Cycling

1. Examples

1.1. Robby Ketchell

1.1.1. winningAlgorithms

1.1.2. Tour de France 2014

1.1.3. Endurance Coaching Summit 2015

1.1.4. The man who put science into cycling (2013)

1.2. Ryan Cooper

1.2.1. Best Bike Split Paris-Nice 2015 Trek Factory Racing Octane Athletics Podcast (2015) Triathlete Training Podcast (2015)

1.3. Ben Lowe

1.3.1. veloviewer Strava Strava Features Smartphones v Garmin: Best GPS for Strava?

1.3.2. Key Climbs of the 2015 Tour de France

1.4. FLO Cycling

1.4.1. Studying Tires Part 1