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Rakudo & Perl 6 talk, Gabor Szabo by Mind Map: Rakudo & Perl 6 talk, Gabor Szabo
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Rakudo & Perl 6 talk, Gabor Szabo




There are very ugly things written in the past

& there are more modern well-written & beautiful apps

stolen from a lot of languages

Perl 6


Not yet released, Don't use for customer-facing apps, Not everything implemented, Use for internal apps, Hunch regarding release, 1-1.5y

Breaks backward-compatibility

Runs on VM, Parrot, Supports translation to other languages, e.g., JavaScript

written in Not-quite-perl, using the Grammer explained below

supports defining operators using unicode chars, basically a function, e.g., not equal, left arrow


Untitled, ~~ is the operator, /m means match, spaces have no effect

symbols, /d, digit, /D, non-digit, /n, new-line, /N, not new-line, ., anything, non-alpha-numeric (e.g., -) need be escapes, \-, '-', ^, string start, ^^, new line string start, $, string end, $$, end string & end of line

Ranges, [0..9]

Quantifiers, \d ** 3, 3 digits, \d ** 2..3

** also means: delimiter, if $words ~~ m/^ [\w+] ** [\,]$

capture, group capture now returns 2-dimensional array

rules, e.g., :sigspace, or :s, ignore the spaces wherever there's space in the regex

tokens, e.g., :ratchet or :, stop after mach

Grammer, e.g., Untitled, my $result = Add1.parse($exp), Can have error handling inline, To explain the mis-matches, which are usually invalid expressions, Support inheritance

My take

Very powerful regex

tho it was great in Perl 5, so why change it?

seems great for NLP

Still not readable

require expertize & cognitive effort to understand