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Business Startup Information by Mind Map: Business Startup Information
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Business Startup Information


Venture Capital

75 Blog Post to Read Before Talking to a VC

Venture Capital Basics


Paul Graham: How to Present to Investors

Top 5 Points an Angel Investor Wants to Hear


Funding Universe, Matches angel investors and entrepreneurs

LinkSV - Link Silicon Valley

Paul Graham: How to fund a startup

Bootstrapping Bootstrapping a business

Business Plan

Sample Plans

Sprout It - Small Pitch

Product Development

Product Development Body Of Knowledge

How to NOT write a business plan

Guide to Writing a Business Plan - Creating a Great Business Plan

Plan Writers

Venture Archetypes

Business Model

Getting the Business Model Right

Business Models on the Web

QuickMBA: Role of the Business Model


Giving Your Software Away For Free

Camels and Rubber Duckies

Business Administration

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Small Business Administration

Countdown to Startup




Startup Venture Toolbox

Startup Advice

Business 2.0: Bulletproof Startup

Small Business Resources, Advice, and Forms

High-Growth Startup Business Development

Startup School

2006 Notes


10 Stupid Mistakes Made By The Newly Self-Employed

Tips for Startup Companies

Paul Graham: Ideas for Startups

From the Web 2.0 Trenches: How to Build Real Businesses

Adam's Advice and Reading List for High Tech Startup Entrepeneurs

The Secrets of Creating and Growing an Online Business

Boompa Launch Postmortem

The Cost of Bootstrapping Your App

Don't Blow Your Beta

Open Source VCs Answer Questions


10 Day MBA

Definitive Business Plan, Second Edition

Harvard Business Online

Go It Alone


Notable Personalities

Guy Kawasaki

Paul Graham

Bill Karr

From LinkSV

Paul Allen (the lesser)

Seth Godin

Josh Kaufman

Intellectual Property


Trademark Search, Thomson Compumark


Inventors Handbook