Implementation ideas for SolutionsMatrix AlphaSite

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Implementation ideas for SolutionsMatrix AlphaSite by Mind Map: Implementation ideas for SolutionsMatrix AlphaSite

1. ArcheTypes (Words to help describe data)

2. User Designed Content Generators

2.1. Ergonomic keys for encoding data and linking chains

2.2. If unique, user has "honor" of creating own template type that links to their site as originator

2.3. Key Questions that initiate common and uncommon departures from common origins.

2.3.1. What would be your best case scenario?

2.3.2. What could you see going wrong?

2.4. Require list of 5 skill or resource contributions you can add to your SocialCurrency Account.

2.4.1. Value is determined by community value (from utilization by other community members use and ranking) and amount of exposure computed by PageRank.

2.5. List three ideas of goals/dreams

2.5.1. Find at least one resource available in the community to each project

2.6. Allow smart selection hot and meaningiful idea/content tags to help generate content quickly

2.7. Blog/News items earn social credit to help invest in your goals.

3. Social Credit Central Core