Rocks and Minerals

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Rocks and Minerals by Mind Map: Rocks and Minerals

1. Diamonds- Diamonds are minerals, they can vary in sizes and colors.

2. Fluorite- Fluorite is also a mineral, it is also used in some things like toothpaste

3. Rocks are made of minerals.

4. Minerals are non-living that are found naturally on Earth.

5. Geologists- Geologists are people who study the Earth

6. Properties- Properties are like methods. Geologists are a type of property.

6.1. Color- Color is like is it green, blue, or whatever color it is

6.2. Hardness- Can they scratch other things like a steel plate?

6.2.1. Mohs hardness Scale- The scale shows which mineral is harder then the other minerals. Like Diamond ranks the highest.

6.3. Crystalline Structure- A unique arrangement of atoms in a crystal.

6.4. Reaction with acid

6.4.1. Does it Fizz or not?

6.5. Transparency

6.5.1. If you can see through it or not

6.5.2. Opaque- Is hard to read but only a little blurry.

6.5.3. Transparent- Can see through it clearly.

6.5.4. Transluctent- Can't see through it.

6.6. Luster

6.6.1. Glassy-Dull-Brilliant

6.7. Light Refraction

6.7.1. Can you see a double image or a single image?

7. Rocks

7.1. Metamorphic

7.1.1. Is formed by high heat and or high pressure of the earth Examples- Marble, Slate, and Phyllite.

7.2. Sedimentary

7.2.1. Is formed by tiny rock pieces cementing together Examples- Coal and Fossils(fossils are found in sedimentary

7.3. Igneous

7.3.1. When Magma cools Examples- Obsidian and Andesite