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GMO by Mind Map: GMO

1. analyze the safety of GMOs

1.1. Most GMOs have been shown to be very safe

1.2. Quality control and competition allows for greater accountability in keeping GMOs to a higher standard

1.3. Study done recently shows that around 90% of GMOs are not harmful for the body

1.4. 20 years of study done to show the safety of GMOs

1.5. USA does not have to label whether a product contains GMOs, which can be good or bad

2. How does organic food come in to play?

2.1. More expensive

2.2. Less likely to cause harm to the human body

2.3. Free from harsh chemicals from pesticides

2.4. Not a sustainable source of food for a growing population

2.5. Safer for the environment because pesticides are not used in organic foods

2.6. Nutritional difference between non-organic and organic food may be negligible

3. Positive effects of GMOs

3.1. Allows for increased food production for the growing population of Earth

3.2. Plants modified in a way that insects avoid them allows farmers to use fewer chemicals in order to maintain a good yield

3.3. Can be used for growth enhancement when feeding animals

3.4. Allows for modifications that allows crops to better survive certain environments

4. Negatives of GMOs

4.1. The need for quality control in order to counter for GMOs that can potentially harm humans and other animals

4.2. "Superweeds" could become a reality in which weeds mate with the GMO crop and gain a resistance to weedkiller, therefor requiring more chemicals to kill them

4.3. Lack of quality control can lead to harmful modifications of plants that may have carcinogens and/or other harmful substances

4.4. Allows for crops to be coated with chemicals without damaging the plant, but is it still safe to eat?