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1. Comfortable

1.1. Color

1.1.1. Pastel Color Soft and Comfortable

1.1.2. Blue Comfortable color to see

1.1.3. Green Reminds nature, comfortable

1.2. Metaphor

1.2.1. Using an image or atmosphere of house

1.2.2. House is a place where people having rest alone or with their family.

2. Professional

2.1. Symbol

2.1.1. Pointer (arrows) increasing represents fund market

2.1.2. Salary man

2.1.3. Computer IT gadgets

2.1.4. Documents Papers, Official

2.1.5. Books Professional Books Special (Subject) books

2.1.6. School, Institution Learning place

2.2. Metaphor

2.2.1. Using Serif fonts to be looked more professional Serif fonts: Decorative fonts

2.2.2. Simple image, but strong impact Minimalism Only book symbol can notice people that this is the place related to books and study

2.3. Color

2.3.1. Blue Color of truth, confidence, professional Used word: Blue collar

2.3.2. Black Suit color Suit gives an image professional

2.3.3. Silver Metalic color gives impression, professional image

3. Creative

3.1. Metaphor

3.1.1. Typography

3.1.2. Children's image

3.1.3. Toys

3.1.4. Funny symbols

3.2. Color

3.2.1. Every color

3.2.2. Rainbow color

3.3. Symbol

3.3.1. Light bulb To express coming up ideas on mind

3.3.2. Exclamation Mark I got it! Yes! I have the idea!

3.3.3. Question Mark What's this" Arouse curiosity

3.3.4. Lines meaning: connection, thinking connection, relation,