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Blender (2.5x) Learning Spaces by Mind Map: Blender (2.5x) Learning Spaces
5.0 stars - 3 reviews range from 0 to 5

Blender (2.5x) Learning Spaces

Tutorial Repositories


vimeo channel blendertuts

youtube search blender2.5 Resources


blendervideo - sammelseite

555 tutorials


all tuts linked from noobs to pro blenderheads

Tutorials Sites

these arms are no ranking

or categories, they should help you

to explore them all !

Review of tutorials and books

Request tutorials thread (blenderartists)

other LANGUAGES (stub)

COURSE/View Resources

Neals Hirsig - Tufts

complete Wikis, but 2,49

Blender Foundation

youtube channel

Blender Org. Gallery



Social Networks

(CG) Art Communities


News, Events and Magazine

Blender Nation

Planet Blender

nee'wis Blender News

Blender Art Magazine


Blender Big Issues (Blender Guru)

CGTalk - News

LITTLE GREY -->ARROWS ARE LINKS. Little grey --> Lines are NOTES , plus icon opens arm

Hi fellow Blender Learner, please write to to suggest improvements and links ! Please be patient if this mindmap is changing, it is still growing in flow mode.    

Special Topic Resources

Textures/Materials Repository

Model Repository


Collabortive Open Moviemaking

Collaborative Game Creation

Publish Interactvie 3D Models online

Mixed Resources


SIMULATION AND GAMING SOFTWARE - development toools and languages


forprofit 5 min free trial

Twitter search #b3d