Editorial Workbench 2

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Editorial Workbench 2 by Mind Map: Editorial Workbench 2

1. General enhancements

1.1. Pagination needs addressing across application.

1.1.1. Numerical pagination

1.1.2. Alphabetical sorting

1.1.3. Ability to view more than 10 results per page / view all

1.2. Ability to filter columns and search (for publications etc.)

1.3. Ability to multiple-select and select all

1.4. Need to be consistent about naming of feeds vs. content vs sources across application

2. Feed management

2.1. Need to show RSS and Factiva on same page

3. User admin

3.1. Need one click access to users

4. Workbench

4.1. Streamline creation of new publication

4.2. Need to add context menu highlight to sources on mouse-over

4.3. Need more precision with source icons. I.e. don't use RSS icons for ATOM and Factiva sources

4.4. UI needs to be more intuitive at instructing user that articles can be dragged/dropped onto sections

4.5. Adjust content section

4.5.1. Summary is pre-populated from 'description', title is pre-populated, and date defaults to today.

4.5.2. "Manage Articles" renamed to "Adjust Articles"

4.6. Publish section

4.6.1. Rename "Publish" to "Approve Content" Add additional "Publish" / Distribute step after Approve Content in workflow Re-order workflow and place adjust layout after adding images Rename "Adjust Layout" to "Adjust Content" Clarification on naming of "Publish" vs "Distribute"

4.7. New publish page takes you to a new UI that contains all the publication models for a publication i.e. e-newsletter, dashboard etc.

5. Publication settings

5.1. Add some help text to explain to user what to do.

6. User roles

6.1. User (no admin rights)

6.1.1. Can: see dashboards assigned to them, or subscribe to new dashboards

6.2. Site admin (ALL admin rights)

6.2.1. Replaces: Feed Administrator, and User Administrator

6.3. Publication Owner

6.3.1. Cannot: Create Publication sets, create/edit feeds, create/edit users or groups

6.3.2. Can: Can assign editors, publication owners, can adjust a publication's settings, Edit content, manually approve distributions and distribute

6.4. Publication Editor

6.4.1. Can: Editor content for a publication

6.5. Publication Distributor

6.5.1. Can: distribute a publication, adjust distribution settings

7. Login page

7.1. Should be a landing page

8. Home page

8.1. Should be where dashboards / tasks are

8.2. As a publisher should take you to the publication admin screen

8.3. Under publications admin should be 'create new' functionality