Jarrett's ICT Notes

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Jarrett's ICT Notes by Mind Map: Jarrett's ICT Notes

1. W2 September 22nd

1.1. Blogger

1.1.1. Add external Link

1.1.2. Add cross header

1.1.3. Add Third-Party Side Applications

1.2. Etherpad

1.2.1. Add an Etherpad Page

1.2.2. Etherpad is easily misused

1.3. Concept Mapping

1.3.1. Sign up

1.3.2. Link it to your blog

1.3.3. Our group mindmap had some useful info Until the trolls ruined it

1.4. Skype

1.4.1. Make new account Destinations

1.4.2. Add ggatin

2. W3 September 29th Tuesday

2.1. Log in to Skype in order to take part

2.1.1. Red Five, Standing By

2.2. We have to do an academic paper to achieve the pinnacle grade of A++++++++++++

2.3. Embedding a published Google Drive Word document into a blog page

2.4. http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_iframe.asp

2.4.1. Cool website to find coding advice

2.4.2. Considering iFrame customization Apparently this is difficult

2.5. For the paper only approved topics

2.5.1. The singularity is quite an interesting thing to Mr.Gatin If you can be replaced by a robot you should be replaced by a robot

2.5.2. Zotero: Tool to get sources easily Standalone Can use the university library, amazon.com, wherever that will have the metadata Simplifies annotated bibliography

3. W2 September 24th Thursday

3.1. Unfortunately I had to miss class as I was helping with the Betty Gibson Family Math Night

3.2. Collaboration using Google Drive was apparently what we worked

4. W3 October 1st Thursday

4.1. Skype

4.1.1. Fortunately I am aware of all of this

4.2. Argument about the nature of sources

4.3. Zotero!

4.3.1. Groups We can create We can Share Discussion forum and notes I am going to try to start some discussion around Wikipedia ideas

5. W4 October 6th

5.1. GIS Systems

5.1.1. Fertilizer Plant Koke plant

5.2. Create our own google map

5.2.1. Make a pin

5.2.2. Make a line

5.2.3. Adding layers

5.2.4. I am doing the 2015 Nobel in Physics

5.2.5. Embed into the blog

5.3. KML

5.3.1. Keyhole Markup Language

5.3.2. Send the KML layer to Glen

5.3.3. He will overlay it onto his own map

5.4. Create Four things as Lessons

5.4.1. 1. Create a lesson using collaborative documents

5.4.2. 2. Create a lesson using Google Maps Make a model google map Have them create their own

5.4.3. 3. Create a lesson using a podcast

5.4.4. 4. Create a lesson using video

5.4.5. Mindmap where he has outlined the requirements https://www.mindmeister.com/558127628/bu03362-ict-lesson-planning

5.5. Blog post

5.5.1. He won't cut off my head but I should do it quickly

5.6. Back to the curriculum domain

5.6.1. Make sure to link the curriculum domains to the ICT lesson that we are planning

6. W6 November 24

6.1. First class back. Wow lot's to do.

6.2. Twitter

6.2.1. Make na acount need a phone number. Not happy about the phone thing.

6.2.2. Pull quote to make twitter better.

6.2.3. Glen thinking I am Andrew was pretty great. Trepidation regarding opening a picture was funny too.

6.2.4. Embed a tweet in our blog.

6.2.5. Eggs funny.

6.3. Google Forms

6.3.1. Make a self quiz

6.4. Brainshark

6.4.1. Online power point tool

6.4.2. Have to make an online presentation

6.5. Storify

6.5.1. Connect with Twitter

6.5.2. Search twitter hashtags

6.5.3. Make a storify slideshow Then narrate it for the presentation

6.5.4. You can Embed code this stuff

6.6. Cognitive Surplus

6.6.1. Apparently the time you spend absorbing information you don't find valuable could be used better!

6.7. Paris

6.7.1. Moniter Twitter

6.7.2. GVMT asked people to not put security info online

7. W6 November 26th

7.1. Tor

7.1.1. Check out Proton Mail

7.1.2. How to send encrypted messages safely

7.2. Twitter

7.2.1. Twitter is pretty secure

7.2.2. Consider not having Mobile twitter alerts Just stay on twitter all the time!

7.2.3. We used twitter to declare our presence today. How often will I use twitter in my class, I am not sure

7.2.4. Consider changin your twitter name

7.3. Blog

7.3.1. Put a twitter widget into your HTML/Javascript Gadget

7.4. BYOD

7.4.1. What is the cheapest tablet eh?

7.5. Lets make sure the Zotero Stuff al works

7.5.1. Enrich the Zotero Group

7.6. Online Presetation

7.6.1. Riding the Waves of Change Conference Website was down SO Sad

7.6.2. Use a Prezi and Narrate it

7.6.3. Create a presentation that supports Social Media use in k-12 education

7.6.4. PechaKucha Nerdy fun thing

7.6.5. Use Knovio

7.6.6. Brainshark

7.7. Spreadsheets Quiz

7.7.1. Found a detailed page using google forms.

7.7.2. This has to be ICT related What is twitter used for who is linus

7.8. For other assignments use ICT to teach the lesson

7.8.1. Use mindmeister to plan the lesson Is this the "Lesson Plan" or not?

7.9. Roughly ten marks for each thing in the rubric

7.9.1. 3 for having, 3 for improving, 3 for professional

7.10. Zotero Bibliography assignment

7.10.1. Keep adding value

8. W7 December 1st Tuesday

8.1. Goin gover the ICT lesson plannin Template

8.2. Give a model of what you expect your students to do.

8.2.1. Teach the students to create a videocast.

8.3. Online Presentation

8.3.1. Pechakucha

8.3.2. Focused on social media in education

8.4. Zotero

8.4.1. Show that you cna take part in the social media expectation of zotero

8.5. GIS

8.5.1. Make a lesson using either species migration or hydroelectric dam

8.5.2. One person did Polar Bears mapping in Google Maps This is one of the elements of a learning management system

8.6. For our Lesson Plans we can assume we have taught them to use the lesson plans

8.6.1. https://www.mindmeister.com/558127628/bu03362-ict-lesson-planning

8.7. Blog Posts

8.7.1. Minimum 1 a Week Have 7 Down this week More is Better 9 In total

8.8. UCaPP

8.8.1. Ubiquitously Connected and Pervasively Proximal Always have a cellphone in my pocket

9. Plan of Attack

9.1. Establish a personal e-portfolio and post weekly reflective and descriptive entries related to weekly course topics and activities

9.1.1. Do my Blog Entries

9.2. Use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephony and associated videoconferencing.

9.2.1. Arrange a Skype interview with Glen

9.3. Use online collaborative applications

9.3.1. Set up a lesson plan where my students are required to use online collaborative applications

9.4. Use collaborative online concept mapping tools for lesson planning

9.4.1. Use the Mindmesiter lesson plan to set up my lessons for the other tasks Our lesson has to include a third column in the ICT Continuum

9.5. Use collaborative online bibliography applications to collect, sort and share resources

9.5.1. Use Zotero Add Transhumanism papers Continue discussions with Patrick

9.6. Use Google Maps to create customized geography lessons

9.6.1. Make a lesson plan where students are required to use google maps

9.6.2. Assume I have pretaught the skills necessary for them to make the relevant google map edits

9.6.3. Have the lesson be about hydroelectric power

9.6.4. Create an Exemplar

9.7. Use digital editing tools to create podcast lessons

9.7.1. I will use a podcast lesson to teach the Doppler Effect

9.7.2. Maybe do something about Beat Frequencies

9.7.3. Three to Five Minutes

9.8. Create a video presentation demonstrating a web-based application or online process

9.8.1. Make a video of me using Wolfram Alpha for gathering statistical data for an applied math class

9.9. Use Google spreadsheets to develop an online quiz with marking rubrics

9.9.1. Make an online test using Google Forms and Flubaroo that tests a students ICT knowledge

9.9.2. Have the students identify a site and information relevant to it

9.10. . Use web-based applications to create a final online presentation

9.10.1. Why you should use Computer Algebra Systems in your Math Class ~ 5 minutes

9.11. Write an academic paper using web based applications or create or improve to a Wikipedia entry

9.11.1. Enhance CAS and education posts on wikipedia

10. W8 Tuesday Dec 8

10.1. We had to say hello on twitter

10.2. Going over videocasting aagain

10.2.1. Screencastomatic

10.2.2. JING

10.3. Ye olde' KHAAAAN Academy

10.3.1. It is developed into a whole school

10.4. Youtube Enhance

10.4.1. Going over things like stabilization and subtitling

10.5. Jing seems to be higher quality so I should use it,

10.5.1. Get an Embed code for my video on Jing instead of using the file

10.6. Wikipedia

10.6.1. Wiki was one of the first social media applications First to go from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0

10.6.2. Only takes about 1.25 seconds for bots then human editors to look at it.

10.6.3. Listen to wikipedia For every change that is identified to wikipedia lets assign a little sound to the change ITS AAAAARRT

10.6.4. Bots tracking government Anonymouse edit IP addresses tied to RCMP & GVMT of Canada

10.7. Google Cars

10.7.1. A womans car called the police on a drunk driving woman

10.7.2. Must be programmed to kill

10.8. Locative vs Mobile Computing

10.9. Google goggles wut?

10.9.1. I should lookk this up GIS system information Similar to google glasss

10.10. Smithsonian institute

10.10.1. History of Indigineous Peoples

10.10.2. Artifacts were stolen from the groups These things should be repatriated Digital repatriation with CAT-Scan technology

10.11. Are things confusing?

10.11.1. We have to use Manitoba Curriculum

11. W8 Thursday December 10th

11.1. Google Read/Write

11.1.1. Predictive text

11.1.2. Basically Read/Write Gold

11.1.3. Dictation seems interesting

11.2. Remember to use Flubarooo for my quiz

11.2.1. You dont have to add a video

11.3. yahoo Pipes

11.3.1. Copy snippets of code and splice them together

11.4. How can you teach in a world where everything is changing

11.4.1. Able to tolerate ambiguitiy

11.4.2. Be able to tolerate change

11.4.3. Actively have a system where you have redudancy plans for technology not "working" It will change on you.

11.5. UCAPP


11.5.2. Universally Connectted and Pervasively Proximal

11.5.3. Learning becomes a process of building online networks

11.6. Goal of these discussions are to enhance our confidence

11.6.1. Affective domain

11.7. ICT Continnuum is organized by Blooms Taxonomy

11.8. Testing is used to

11.9. Zotero is probably okay

11.10. Blog post is 250 words at least

11.10.1. Have a descriptive and reflective component

11.11. Powtune

12. W4 October 8th

12.1. Podcasting Today

12.1.1. Different than Radio

12.1.2. Top 10 Podcasting http://www.cbc.ca/radio/podcastplaylist/ten-history-podcasts-you-need-to-hear-1.3259374

12.2. Discussion on Khan Academy

12.3. Wants us to use our own computer

12.4. Vocaro?

12.4.1. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1VgvYf5zac1

12.4.2. Make your own Never Forget the Yippening

12.5. QR Code

12.5.1. Quick Response Code Tells you information quickly

12.6. Audacity

12.6.1. Need a LAME encoder apparently

12.6.2. I have always just exported through the Audacity program

12.7. Soundcloud

12.7.1. Robust uploading service

12.8. Web Archie

12.8.1. I've used this for hobby websites

12.8.2. Apparently it began as a Grateful Dead cult followers

12.8.3. Upload some stuff to the Web archive Yip always

12.9. When Creating A Lesson

12.9.1. Bring in outcomes from our curriculum

12.9.2. From the ICT Curriculum

12.9.3. Always include an Affective component

12.9.4. Try to take students from Extrinisic to intrinsic motivation We should model this

12.9.5. Create a documentation trail that describes the Cluster/Unit Connect it past the one SLo

12.9.6. His goal is to help us develop a system for creating a lesson plan

13. W5 October 13th

13.1. Today we are learning to use video

13.1.1. Youtube Powerful video editing Fortunately I have some experience

13.2. Screencastify

13.2.1. Use

13.2.2. Alright So i have it working.

13.2.3. Graham is now scared of the dark The boogeyman is real

13.2.4. Apparently this is proving difficult

13.3. Youtube

13.3.1. Lot's of video editing functionality

13.4. Jing

13.4.1. Techsmith Same company as Camtasia

13.4.2. Apparently it is a decent screencast

13.5. Splice youtube clips together

14. W5 October 15th

14.1. Using youtube to splice videos together

14.2. Good idea for having students record their path to school

14.3. I need to put videos into a google map

14.3.1. Idea Make a map of manitoba hydro sites Include relevant video Include relevant information

14.4. Not teaching students any ICT is educational malpractice

14.5. It is now a requirement for teachers to incorporate this

14.5.1. Despite 110 in 84