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Grow a Business Not an App by Mind Map: Grow a Business Not an App

1. User Story: Mehmet Ecevit, Co-Founder Gram Games

1.1. They launched a lot of games but non took off

1.2. Challenges

1.2.1. High competition In 2014 only over 1 M apps were launched

1.2.2. 90% of apps downloaded today are free

1.2.3. How to internationalize the business

1.3. Big hit in 2014 with game called "1010"

1.3.1. Quickly reached 5 M downloads

1.4. Questions they had to consider

1.4.1. App discovery, retention, price points, ads, social media etc.

1.5. Lucky break on social media through tweet from VIP

1.5.1. Gram Games reacted well by tweeting back and thanking her

1.6. "Prototype Wednesdays"

1.6.1. On this day the whole team gathers and discuss and share ideas

1.6.2. Best ideas are selected and QUICKLY shared and tested by family and friends This allows them to quickly create new content for the app Only one week after initial idea the content is launched

1.7. How to make it a sustainable business and generate revenue

1.7.1. Who is willing to pay for the game?

1.7.2. Need to understand users to realize their full value Where to position ads Which formats to use At what time should ads be shown

1.7.3. Decided to use Google AdMob Generated up to 5000 € per day

2. How can Google help?

2.1. Utilize Google tools to develop app

2.2. Engagement

2.2.1. e.g. through Google Adwords

3. Important: Keep an eye on the future!

3.1. e.g. virtual reality

3.2. > Google Cardboard

4. Speakers

4.1. Marie Loridan O'Meara - Head of Mobile Publishers, Google

4.2. Siobhan Gadd - Global Head of Online Sales, Google

5. Mobile is already more important than desktop in 10 countries

5.1. 86% of users' time on mobile is spent in apps

5.2. 36 hours a month are spent in apps

6. Values at Google = growth hacking tips

6.1. Don't be evil

6.2. Focus on the user and all else will follow

6.3. Fast is better than slow

6.4. Great just isn't good enough

7. Growth Hacking

7.1. = Creating a product based on customer data, on results, then scaling it globally