Narrative theory

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Narrative theory by Mind Map: Narrative theory

1. Vladimir Propp's theory

1.1. in Propp's theory there are always 8 key roles

1.2. 1)the hero - seeks something 2)the villain - opposes the hero 3)the donor - gives something too aid them on their quest 4)the dispatcher - sets the hero out on their quest 5)the false hero - falsely assuming the role of the hero 6)the helper - gives assistance the hero 7)the princess - the reward for the hero but also needs protection from the villain 8)her father

2. Tzvetan Todorov's theory

2.1. Todorov believed all films started at a point of equilibrium.

2.2. It then has an outside force disrupt this state of equilibrium.

2.3. Next there is the realisation of the problem and this causes chaos.

2.4. After that, order is restored and this is when the characters try to restore order.

2.5. Finally there is equilibrium again so everyone can return to normality again.

3. Example of Todorov's theory

3.1. The simpsons movie is a good example of how Todorov's theory works

3.2. 1)Equilibrium is at the start of the film and everything is normal in Springfield

3.3. 2)The disruption is when Homer gets the pig and the dome is placed over Springfield

3.4. 3)The realisation and chaos is when they escape from Springfield

3.5. 4)Order is restored when Homer returns to Springfield

3.6. 5) Things return to normal when the dome is destroyed

4. example of Propp's theory

4.1. The hero - Shreck The villain - Lord Farquaad The donor - There isn't one in Shreck The dispatcher - Lord Farquaad The false hero - Lord Farquaad The helper - Donkey The princess - Fiona Her farther - The Dragon