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Luddite by Mind Map: Luddite

1. doesn't like the children to see them as the learner

1.1. encourage them to use the children to show them how to do things

1.1.1. when you are teaching the teacher how to do something, call for a group of kids to do it with you, she can watch the students do it

2. unmotivated

2.1. ind some hobby that they are interested in

2.1.1. if education is their passion, find out what area of education and look for websites or apps that will support that passion

3. Defiant & Resentful: there is nothing new that you could tell me. Will have an answer for everything.

4. the '3 R's' cannot be taught by looking at a screen

4.1. show them the websites for their level that you have saved on Delicious

5. sees no reason to use computers when paper, pens and books do the job

5.1. show them examples of children's work that showcases their learning

6. has little or no computer skills themselves

6.1. encourage them to build on their own skills by teaching them how to do email

6.1.1. find out an interest they have, show them the website, show them how to favourite it (no Delicious yet...too early) set them a goal of revisiting those websites and finding more on the topic

7. usually a very good teacher with strong traditional programmes or a teacher coasting on what they have done for years

7.1. talk to them about how using computers means an adjustment in teaching style

7.1.1. set one small achievable task

8. reluctant to let children use the computer (because they feel they (themselves) lose control of what the children are doing

8.1. encourage them to let the children do the particular task you have shown them

8.1.1. ask the teacher to let them do that task everyday