Waterworld 2.0

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Waterworld 2.0 by Mind Map: Waterworld 2.0

1. Trade

1.1. Planned

1.1.1. Primary currency, or most valuable resources include: Dirt Fresh Water

1.1.2. Item exchange is one of the most vital features, and has to be fluid, and user friendly

1.2. To Do

1.3. In Progress

1.4. Complete

2. Factions

2.1. Planned

2.1.1. 2 Primary Factions to start with, the third will be more elusive, and not seen often: Atoll Dwellers Smokers (Slavers)

2.1.2. Players begin as a Drifter - Factionless, and must earn standing ( EVE!) with them to be able to have access to them and such

2.1.3. (Mutants - Perhaps a VIP class)

2.2. To Do

2.3. In Progress

2.4. Complete

3. Building

3.1. Planned

3.1.1. Item Forging, players find/salvage/steal/ create materials which can be combined to create more complex materials or items

3.2. To Do

3.3. In Progress

3.4. Complete

4. Donators

4.1. Planned

4.1.1. Possible mutants that are donators only?

4.2. To Do

4.3. In Progress

4.4. Complete

5. General Gameplay

5.1. Planned

5.1.1. Diving down into the ocean to explore and find new objects.

5.1.2. Perhaps when a player first joins, they have a 1/100 chance of becoming a mutant.

5.2. To Do

5.3. In Progress

5.4. Complete

6. Suggestions from Lord Ned

6.1. People want to fufill the role. One role might be the grand adventurer on a massive ship that thunders across the ocean with sails billowing and snapping and a great wake behind it. Another role might be a modest fisherman who has more of a dingy than a ship, who may or may not like interacting with the previous role. Then you might have mechanic roles who like to operate cranes and move ships around and buy/barter replacement parts, or (your water tank gave me this idea), a mantienence guy. You might have multiple places where leaks can happen or pumps can clog/die, or places where water needs to be switched on/off in branches. So you have to strike this creative balance between requiring stuff (Eg; You're required to have this part in your boat and any number of sub-parts 'break' and have to be replaced), or requiring someone to keep the water running, or requiring someone to do x or y, and then keeping it balanced by making it not too needy. If it's this huge map-based ecosystem where everything is required, sure you'll find people who'll play the roles because there's the need (Who might no otherwise, it's nice for players to feel important/rewarded) Matt: But if you make everything needy it adds a huge layer of complications, while if you don't need to do anything there's less player involvement.

6.2. I think the underlying problem with all of this is, you have to build a massively diverse world to deal with all the ranges of players. You have to have micro (pipe fixing, running power out to buildings, etc) and macro (giant ships whipping across the water), and to accomplish all of those is a lot of technical requirements, both a lot of code, and a lot of stress on the engine :s

6.3. Players will probably rapidly get bored with diving, even with air pockets or whatnot. You could make it more of a tense thing (Without there really being a DANGER DANGER situation), but as you dive and listen to the waves receed and your suit slowly ping, airgauges and pressure gagues on the hud get stuck and bounce around a little bit, rattling. If you can't physically interest them in the world, you can immerse them in the moment, remove them from current gameplay and use it as a retreat. Let them cozy into their own mind and play up things you'd think you'd encounter... Glowing lights on the fringe of their vision, their breath loud in their suit, darkening text and muting far-off text. Or provide them with something else, like you have to dive with a salvage hook and they're teathered to the hook

6.4. For boats and "seats" in boatsEg; Say you had a rope rigging model. You could make a seat where the player hangs off the side of it like in action movies, which makes player movement clean and not bouncy or skiddish.And the player feels awesome, he's presented with a 'clean' experience, and it doesn't restrict the players. It also keeps you from falling off edges and the like

6.5. Images from Tabtoxinine-β-lactam

6.5.1. Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://img816.imageshack.us/img816/792/15049532.png Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/5165/97037589.png Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/5165/97037589.png Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://s7.directupload.net/file/d/2280/lc2qyhnp_png.htm Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://s5.directupload.net/file/d/2280/z9lkrvhv_png.htm Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://s7.directupload.net/file/d/2280/4ov98hrj_png.htm Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://s10.directupload.net/file/d/2280/3k4n8rjt_png.htm Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://s3.directupload.net/file/d/2280/jogcfep5_png.htm Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://s10.directupload.net/file/d/2280/q6dld45i_png.htm Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://s1.directupload.net/file/d/2280/xxjqewkg_png.htm Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://s3.directupload.net/file/d/2280/e8byrmbs_png.htm Tabtoxinine-β-lactam: http://s3.directupload.net/file/d/2280/nz93js3l_png.htm

7. Boats

7.1. Planned

7.1.1. Boats will be built of a single base hull, mast, etc. To customize your boat, you can nail anything you find onto it, like a plate of metal. You can do this on the fly, while the base stuff can only be changed inside the atoll.

7.2. To Do

7.3. In Progress

7.4. Complete

8. Combat

8.1. Planned

8.1.1. Weapons Melee Fists Crowbar/Wrench Broken Bottle Spear Axe Weapons Projectile Spear Pistol Rifle Crossbow Contraptions Pipe Rifle - A dangerous to build, and even more dangerous to use weapon, with high damage potential. Harpoon Gun - A small, hand-held, pistol-gripped harpoon gun with a limited range, designed for landing smaller species of fish. It uses a spring mechanism to fire. Personal Grapple - Not actually a weapon per se, although it will work in a pinch, this little tool is designed for a person to grapple up onto walls, rigging, and such. It can attach to a belt or bandolier to allow free movement of the hands. Ship-to-Ship Grapple - This huge, barbed hook was designed to allow one ship to grapple onto another, either to tow it or board it. A Ship-to-Ship Grapple must be firmly anchored to the vessel from which it is being fired. Ship-to-Ship Harpoon - This huge gun isn't necessarily designed to be used on other vessels, but if the situation should call for it, it can be. Originally intended to hunt whalephin and other large marine creatures, it is powerful, destructive, and strong. It also needs to be fired from a ship-based mount, otherwise, the shooter is likely to get yanked off the deck and taken for a ride.

8.1.2. Combat Mechanics Melee weapons will be most players' initial protection, or weapons of choice, as the case may be. weapon strength and speed will depend on the material and by whom it was forged. Projectile weapons are similar in that their components and their condition greatly affects their strength and range. some projectiles are easier to come by than others, bullets being especially hard to find or create, and have different value and strengths too.

8.2. To Do

8.3. In Progress

8.4. Complete

9. Environment

9.1. Planned

9.1.1. Fully functional atoll, with working gates, generator, and water filter machine.

9.1.2. Dynamic day/night cycle perhaps, allowing for atolls to require generators and lights, and even night attacks from smokers/pirates.

9.2. To Do

9.3. In Progress

9.3.1. Draw some new concept art, for atolls, outposts and such.

9.4. Complete

10. UI/Menu

10.1. Planned

10.1.1. Animated interface, with various interactive areas, such as inventory and map.

10.1.2. Menu for building boats will be like the modern racing games, where you can change a part of your boat. For example mast, hull, etc.

10.2. To Do

10.2.1. Draw a mockup for trading and inventory swapping with chests and boxes.

10.2.2. Draw a mockup for Map interface

10.3. In Progress

10.3.1. Basic menu and interface, with inventory.

10.4. Complete

11. Content

11.1. Models

11.1.1. Craft Bathtub Raft Rowing Boat Jetski Small Sailing Boat Small Tug Sailing Boat Small Barge Large Sailing Boat Large Barge

11.1.2. Wildlife SHARKS Fishies (Alot of different types!) Sea Monsters Birds

11.1.3. Plants and Farming

11.1.4. Items Weapons Fists Broken Bottle Crowbar/Wrench Spear Axe Tools (Perhaps also used as weapons) Shovel Hammer Wrench Usable Items Miscellaenous Waterproof Flares Machines Windmill Electric Generator Water Filter Pulley System Steam Generator

11.2. Sounds

11.2.1. Ambient Water Seagulls Wind Waves

11.2.2. Human sounds

11.2.3. Music

11.3. Textures & Images

11.3.1. Night sky: http://www.fpsbanana.com/textures/1881