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NoName Game by Mind Map: NoName Game

1. Phase I: Desired State Vision

1.1. Goals

1.1.1. Educational - Generate electronic portfolios Learn/Practice professional project collaboration Develop a deep understanding of Algebra and Arithmetic through the creation of a math handbook. Learn to create on the web using tools of choice

1.2. Game Look and feel

1.2.1. Shields Shield Types Levels of Shields Each shield has a power level

1.3. Game Flow

1.3.1. Walking game where users make tools and rules to be used during problem solving sections

1.4. Leader Board

1.4.1. Point System

1.4.2. Monetary Points Game $ purchases extra tools and hacks

1.5. Tool Builder

1.5.1. Vocabulary Tools Vocabulary

1.5.2. Rule Making Tools Identify and Create Math Properties Patterns

1.5.3. Example Solver Solver Board Rules Vocabulary Algorithm flow

1.6. Early Prototype

1.6.1. User Interface

1.6.2. Sections Login Leader Board Paths Tool Making Solver Board

1.6.3. Tools Drawings Scratch Models

2. Team

2.1. Andy

2.1.1. Developer

2.2. Barry

2.2.1. Project Manager

2.3. Declan

2.3.1. Graphic Designer

2.4. Marc

2.4.1. Game Designer

2.5. Nathaniel

2.5.1. Game Designer

3. Phase II: System Design

3.1. User Interface

3.2. Use/Case

3.3. Pseudo Code

3.4. Tools Choice

3.5. Create Implementaiton Plan

3.5.1. Iterations Working Prototypes

4. Phase III: Implementation

5. Phase IV: QA and Improvements

6. To Dos

6.1. Starting October 13

6.1.1. Create Mockups of Badges Declan

6.1.2. Capture images of Medieval worlds for different parts of the game Andy Nathaniel

6.1.3. Create Algebra Roadmap Barry

7. Algebra Roadmap