Macaulay @ John Jay: Lucas Cornish

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Macaulay @ John Jay: Lucas Cornish by Mind Map: Macaulay @ John Jay: Lucas Cornish

1. International Criminal Justice (Major)

1.1. Prerequisite courses

1.1.1. Finish by end of Freshman year

1.2. Required courses

1.3. Interesting courses

1.4. Figure out soon what classes I want to take

2. Foreign Languages

2.1. Spanish 101

2.2. French 101

2.3. Get Rosetta Stone

3. Traveling

3.1. Study Abroad Sophomore, Junior year, or Senior Year

3.2. Internship at INTERPOL (most likely Junior year)

3.3. Make attempt to travel out of country during breaks

4. Philosophy Minor

4.1. Take few Philosophy courses

4.2. Find connection with Philosophy and ICJ

5. Graduate School/Work with NYPD or INTERPOL

5.1. Research Graduate schools I would like to go to.

5.2. Or consider 5 year BA/MA program w/ CUNY

5.3. NYPD

5.3.1. To obtain 3 year experience that the FBI and INTERPOL require.

6. Parts of the World

6.1. Figure out what part(s) of the world I want to focus on.

6.1.1. The Americas

6.1.2. Australia

6.1.3. Italy

6.1.4. Spain

7. Stay socially active @ school

7.1. Continue with Quidditch

7.2. Join Clubs

7.2.1. Stay going to New York Times debates

7.2.2. Republicans Club

7.3. Possibly Start Clubs

7.3.1. Some kind of Hockey club, whether it be a team or a gathering to talk about the world of hockey.

7.4. Try to enjoy myself

8. Residency in NY

8.1. GET A JOB

8.2. Find an apartment

8.3. Obtain residency

8.4. Save money on school through Macaulay