Useful Internet Tools for the Classroom

This map highlights and explains five internet tools I feel are important and useful for the Classroom.

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Useful Internet Tools for the Classroom by Mind Map: Useful Internet Tools for the Classroom

1. Assign-A-Day

1.1. Teacher-created calendar that manages classes and assignments online. Students view the calendar to see what assignments they have due or can get an overview of the class. Source:

2. Multimedia Presentations

2.1. Web application that allows students to create stunning-looking PowerPoint-style multimedia presentations. Source:

3. ALTEC's Think Tank

3.1. Allows students to develop a Research Organizer for reports and projects through an online database. This helps students learn how to refine a subject so that it is more manageable for internet research. Source:

4. Online Story-telling

4.1. Allows students to use cartoon strips and incorporate sound to create their own stories. This is a fantastic tool that fosters creativity, engages students, and assesses progress. Source:

5. Survival Guide for New Teachers

5.1. Website provided by the U.S. Department of Education. This site is designed to show how new teachers can work effectively with veteran teachers, parents, principals, and teacher educators. Source: