Fashion 1960's

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Fashion 1960's by Mind Map: Fashion 1960's

1. Mod Fashion

1.1. Clothes were slim fitted

1.2. Slim Suits

1.3. Wore bright colours

1.4. Clothing was affordable

1.5. Had buttons down shirts

1.6. Stone Pipe Pants

2. Hippies

2.1. Ben Sherman

2.2. Ties were thinner

2.3. Conflict with the Rockers

2.4. Breasted Jackets

3. Fabrics

3.1. Clothing was cheap

3.2. Material included: Cotton and Wool

3.3. Clothing produced quicker

3.4. Space and first man landing on moon was influential towards their clothing

3.5. New Blended Fabrics

4. Rockers

4.1. Showed passion for Rock & Roll music

4.2. Leather Jackets

4.3. Motorcycles

4.4. White Silk Scarve

4.5. Engineering boots

4.5.1. Winkle picker Boots