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ADHD by Mind Map: ADHD

1. 3 Types of Connors rating scales: one for parents, one for teachers and one for adolescents to rate their own behaviour. 5-30 minutes in length. Often part of routine screenings in schools, clinics and treatment centers. Should never be used as the sole tool to diagnose a child. It is one small piece of a complex evaluation and examination

2. Connors Test is done by doctors/clinicians, going through a lengthy process of interviews, observations and evaluations. Parents or caregivers fill out the form on the child's behaviour. Doctors can assess what type of behaviour has been observed by parents over time.

3. A doctor will take a child's medical history and do a physical exam. He/She will ask the parent, child and teach information about home, school and other situations, Other tests may be ordered to rule out physical issues such as: hearing, vision, speech and language and/or psychologist who may assess a child's learning, IQ and academic achievement.

4. There is not one specific test for ADHD

5. Teaching Strategies: extra time, preferential seating, tools to stay organized and opportunities for exercise

6. ADHD is difficult to diagnose because it is normal for all children to be restless, impulsive or inattentive at times. Children behave differently in different settings and with different people. Also, symptoms of ADHD look different in different children, in boys and girls and at different ages.

7. A teacher may be the first person to detect an attention problem however a child needs to be assessed by a doctor or psychologist