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Six Flags by Mind Map: Six Flags
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Six Flags


Does the advertisement capture your attention? Why?

Yes. This is because the advert had shown how fun this place is by showing that even the old man knew how to have fun in such a place.

Visual Techniques

What is in the shot?

The little town, the old man and Six Flags

What is centred?

The old man

How do figures move within the frame?

They move very quickly to show how busy the town is and how fun Six Flags is.

What effect does the demand have on viewers?

The viewers will be focused on the old man, wondering how he was able to dance at such an age.

Technical Aspects

Is the shot wide or long? Or close up?

It showed a wide shot of the surrounding showing the view of the town and Six Flags.

How is the frame lit?

It did not have any spotlight on any other particular part except for the old man at his scene.

What camera angles are use here?

Camera is at full-body image at almost all times.

How does the camera move?

The camera moved much showing the surrounding at atmosphere of the scene.

Is there music? How and when is it used? What is its effect? What mood does it create?

It had fast music to provide a rushing mood to the viewers at the beginning and also fast music at the end to show the fun at Six Flags.

Are there other sound effects?

The quiet and soft sounds when the old an is out of the bus.


What other details are important in the scene? What are their function and effect?

The old man and his bus the middle of the advertisment.

What is the message of the advertisement?

It is trying to tell us and prove to us that Six Flags is a fun place for the young and the old

Is it telling you a story?

Yes. It is trying to tell us that even the old man was very happy and could dance like that after visiting Six Flags and invited the busy town over.