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Existentialism by Mind Map: Existentialism

1. Beauvoir de Simone

1.1. The Ethics of Ambiguity

1.2. The Second Sex

2. Heidegger Martin

2.1. Introduction to Metaphysics

2.2. Letter on Humanism: in Heidegger Martin. Basic Writings

2.3. Being and Time

2.4. Identity and Difference

3. Nietzsche Friedrich

3.1. Ecce Homo

3.2. The Gay Science

3.3. Twilight of the Idols

3.4. On the Genealogy of Morality

4. Camus Albert

4.1. The Myth of Sisyphus

4.2. The Rebel

4.3. The Fall

5. Kierkegaard Søren

5.1. The Concept of Anxiety

5.2. Fear and Trembling

5.3. Papers and Journals: A Selection

6. Sartre Jean Paul

6.1. Being and Nothingness

6.2. "Intentionality: A fundamental idea of Husserl's Phenomenology."