What makes a project successful?

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What makes a project successful? by Mind Map: What makes a project successful?

1. collaboration

1.1. with co-workers

2. Good communication

2.1. with managers

2.2. with colleagues

2.3. with clients

2.4. with suppliers

3. Good teamwork

3.1. motivating team

4. Motivation

4.1. recognition for work done well, encouragement to complete project ahead of schedule

5. Clear definition of roles

5.1. briefing before project start with clear allocation and delegation of tasks and responsibilities

6. Clear objectives

6.1. displayed in office or via email circular

7. Completion within deadline

7.1. regular monitoring of due date with goal to complete ahead of schedule.

8. Regular updates

8.1. via email and meetings

9. Flexibility

9.1. project details may change as obstacles arise - a need to change details easily.

10. A well-defined plan

10.1. clear definition of action to be taken and end goal

11. Effective brainstorming and idea-exchange sessions

11.1. It is essential to be creative from the start