Fashion Trends of the World in the 1960's: by Rafael Abela (10.3/4 Social Studies)

Social Studies Individual Assessment Task

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Fashion Trends of the World in the 1960's: by Rafael Abela (10.3/4 Social Studies) by Mind Map: Fashion Trends of the World in the 1960's: by Rafael Abela (10.3/4 Social Studies)

1. Clothing Fabrics

1.1. the 1960's era saw the introduction of newer and better fabrics for the general public to use to be able to enjoy their clothing. Polyester, PVC and vinyl to name a few.

1.2. also had a touch of a modernised feel to it, as these newer fabrics were mixed with reliable fabrics such as cotton and wool to produce a kind of 'super-fabric'.

1.3. the above statement meant that it was a bonus for the general public because of the cheap prices the new 'super-fabric' would entail for fashion trends.

2. Mod Fashion

2.1. short version of 'modern', and as the trend suggests, gives the general public a chance for a more innovative clothing choice.

2.2. originated in England, then quickly spread to other parts of the world and eventually Australia.

2.3. introduction of slimmer clothes line, for example, 'tech-fit' like shirts and tight pants/jeans.

2.4. blandish colour was out, while brighter more happier colours came into play.

2.5. examples of famous mod fashion-ists: Leslie Hornby - British teenage model

3. Overview

3.1. major changes in clothing due to newer generation stepping in and in demand for newer types of clothing.

3.2. another major group present during the 1960's was the 'baby boomers', where, as the name suggests, a high percentage of babies were being conceived.

3.3. the Hippie movement and a call for a more modernised trend were adapted.

4. The Rockers

4.1. adopts a biker gang image, wearing leather jackets. Considered by society at the time as 'out of touch'.

4.2. also originated in England, which too spread to Australia, but not as much to the hype as 'Mod Fashion'.

4.3. both the 'Rockers' and 'Mod Fashion' in the British media seemed a tale of two worlds that should never clash. When it did, however, brawls and fights would occur thanks to the differing cultures of the two.

5. Hippie Clothing

5.1. arrived in Australia in the late 1960's via the United States of America, and how television and other catalysts promoted this movement.

5.2. entails the values of peace around the world, and love, as a possible bombardment of disregard of Australia's participation in the ongoing Vietnam War.

5.3. influenced by a non-Western style of clothing, which also meant that many people influenced by the Hippie movement would make their own clothes and wear flowers and peace signs as a sign of their involvement with the movement.

5.4. both men and women participating in the Hippie movement would grow their facial hair, as dominated by the United States of America when the country was wow-ed by the movement.