Dobe Ju - Ch 4 & 5 Subsistence and Kinship

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Dobe Ju - Ch 4 & 5 Subsistence and Kinship by Mind Map: Dobe Ju - Ch 4 & 5 Subsistence and Kinship

1. Subsistence

1.1. fast adaptations to tech

1.1.1. Truck story and being taking advantage of technology

1.2. Mongongo nuts played a large role

1.2.1. simplicity gather and eat find and drink predicated by sophisticated knowledge and understanding - women have more knowledge (t/f)

1.3. diet is based more on vegetables than meat sources

1.3.1. hunting tecniques - bow and arrow and snares to catch animals -- used by different people - Division of Labor based on gender and age!! bow and POISONED arrow - to let the animal die and track tracking skills

1.3.2. abundance level, ease of collecting, tastiness, nutritional value -- interesting parallel to Food Pyramid

1.4. assumptions about H/G as fit people -- fad diets today based on this

1.4.1. they only work 20-30 hours a week

1.5. Insulting the Meat

1.5.1. tradition of humility we refuse on who boasts, because some day he would kill someone, so his meat is worthless insults thrown at the hunter who shot the arrow/killed the beast --- leveling mechanism to not allow people to gain arrogance and ego connections to Communism Why is humility important to these egalitarian people --

1.5.2. distributing the meat rare, so its a big deal owner of the meat, is the one who's arrow struck it, not the hunter. Arrow creators can be elders and women not the hunter.

1.5.3. LEVELING MECHANISM food and status Michellin Star restaurants versus chains

1.6. Gender

1.6.1. Men and Women both gathered

1.6.2. Women are primary collectors in the band have baby slings to allow them to work

1.6.3. Men both hunt and gather, women just gather

1.7. Egalitarian

1.7.1. Each ju is part of the collective, small rudimentary collective and a fragile one. so Important to keep the small collective going ethnocentric view on how can these simple people survive the way they do --- but the answer is functional community ties

1.8. Ernestine Friedl

1.8.1. Insulting the meat downplays the power relationship/ego of the hunter quantity of the food matters Mongongo nut most desired after meat, but women but men and women are valued

1.8.2. Theory that whomever brings home the bacon gets the power arrogance in human nature -- Dobe have learned that ego's will disrupt community life

2. Kinship

2.1. Kinship 1

2.1.1. genealogical nuclear family

2.2. Kinship 2

2.2.1. joking/advoidance clear lines of who you can be fun and nice to and who you need to speak to more formally different around the world

2.3. Kinship 3

2.3.1. Principle of Wi seniority When in doubt, let the elders decide.