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Peruvian Paso Tack - Spanish Oral Presentation - Initial Plan by Mind Map: Peruvian Paso Tack - Spanish
Oral Presentation - Initial
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Peruvian Paso Tack - Spanish Oral Presentation - Initial Plan


Origin in 15th century Europe, brought over by Conquistadores

Adapted to Peruvian needs: comfort for long rides, as horses mostly used for transport.

Also adapted to mountainous regions, so stable for both horse/rider

Why is is special?

Often very ornate, lots of leatherworking detail.

Especially on saddle skirts, guarnición y florón


Techniques often passed down through families, so each leatherworker will produce a slightly different saddle.

Different style to many other varieties of tack

Consists of... (too much in this section?)


la silla (de montar)

la montura de cajón (box saddle)

Braided headgear

el jato

Three pieces of bridle: eye cover (tapa ojos), bozalillo (small bosal), bit (freno o bocado).

Una jaquima (halter) y una brida (bridle).

Braided reins (reindas)

Una jaquima (halter) y una brida (bridle).


la cincha

Holds saddle in place


Held to tailpiece with piece of leather called una cruzeta.

La anca, la grupa, la baticola.



Consist of long leather straps (retrancas), that go under tail, and two lateral straps (caidas) attached to the base of the tail guard

El Pellon

Tapestry put over saddle, sign of wealth

La Carona

Thick leather pad between saddle and blanket

Tail cover


Elongated leather piece fixed to back of saddle


Consists of metal cover in the shape of a bell (campaña) and a ring to which the stirrup strap is attached. Covered with metal pieces (punteras).

Most common used woods are olive and algarobbo

los estribos



Focus on a particular maker of the tack.


Visual aids!


Anything else?


Peruvian Paso

Paso del Peruano

Specific breed from Peru, now exported to US/Europe, Specially gaited, And!, Specific tack, Show tack ornate


As we can see...

Como nos ver (?)

Unique, both artform and practical



Caber -to fit

Construir - to build

Cubrir - to cover

Dar - to give

Decir - to say

Distinguir - to distinguish

Elegir - to choose

Entender - to understand

Estar - to be

Haber - to have

Hablar - to speak

Hacer - to do/to make

Hay - there is/are

Ir - to go

Mover - to move

Pensar - to think

Poder - to be able

Poner - to put

Querer - to want

Reunir - to put together

Romper - to break

Saber - to know

Sentir - to feel

Ser - to be

Tener - to have

Ver - to see