All the tubes have to offer

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All the tubes have to offer by Mind Map: All the tubes have to offer

1. Colabrative collage

1.1. Drag and drop image upload

2. Web Credible

2.1. public badge

2.1.1. show off

2.1.2. display topics of expertise

2.2. tests

2.2.1. Increase score

2.2.2. Awards for persistance

2.2.3. Allow submissions

2.2.4. Score on score/time*retry attempts ;)

2.3. Problems

2.3.1. Combat spam

2.4. ByProducts

2.4.1. Community of interested people

2.4.2. Increase credibility of blogs/sites

2.5. GOALS

2.5.1. Make use of the collective knowledge

2.5.2. Fun system/incentive for learning