3 Types of Leadership Styles

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3 Types of Leadership Styles by Mind Map: 3 Types of Leadership Styles

1. Autocratic Leaders – Can be the bossy/ controlling type. Clearly states for what needs to be done, when it should be done, and how it should be done. Make their own decisions without involving the rest of the group. Best at making decisions when there is little time for group decision-making, but decision-making is less creative.

2. Delegative/Laissez-Faire Leadership - Is the least productive of all three groups. Makes more demands than help. Shows little cooperation and is unable to work independently. Leave decision-making up to group members. Group members are more highly qualified in an area of expertise, but group members have poorly defined roles and a lack of motivation.

3. Democratic Leaders – Is the most effective leadership style. Helps group members, as well as participate in the group. Allows input from other group members. Encourages group members to participate, but has final decision.