Bad Actors - Bad Outcomes

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Bad Actors - Bad Outcomes by Mind Map: Bad Actors - Bad Outcomes

1. Bad Actors

1.1. Agricultural Industry

1.1.1. Agroecology vs. Industrial Agriculture

1.1.2. Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Laws

1.1.3. GMO/GE

1.1.4. World Food Clock

1.2. Drug Cartels

1.2.1. A Snapshot of Drug Trafficking

1.2.2. The Reach of Mexico's Drug Cartels

1.3. Energy Industry

1.3.1. Fossil Fuel Industry Climate Change Carbon Majors Which fossil fuel companies are most responsible for climate change? Coal China's Coal Death Toll The US Coal Crash Fracking 20 Months of Water Consumption for Fracking Barnett Shale/Flower Mound Cancer Cluster Cancer Rates Climb in Barnett Shale Extreme Energy in the UK FracFocus FracMapper Fracking across the United States Fracking & Drinking Water Fracking Boom in Texas Fracking Map Groundwater Depletion and Shale Energy Development Hydraulic Fracturing & Water Stress Water Competition for Shale Development in North America Gas China’s Synthetic Natural Gas plant Capacity vs Baseline Water Stress China's Synthetic Natural Gas Plant Capacity vs. Seasonal Variability List of Natural Gas Pipelines Oil & Gas Pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico Spills America's Dangerous Pipellines Canadian Interactive Incident Map Canadian Pipeline Incidents Clean up continues from 2010 oil spill Crude Awakening Enbridge pipeline Line 9 spills National Pipeline Mapping System N. American Crude by Rail Oil spills on Line 9 near the Great Lakes Petroleum Company Accidents and Spills 2000-2009 Pipeline incidents 2010 - early 2013 Pipeline incidents timelapse Refinery Accident Visualizer Refinery Report Straits of Mackinac Contaminant Release Scenario Two Decades of Spills Tar Sands Beaver Lake Cree territory & tar sands development Enbridge’s keystone pipeline expansion Time Lapse of Tar Sands Deforestation US Energy Mapping System

1.3.2. Nuclear Do you live within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant?

1.4. Finance

1.4.1. 13 Most Important Maps of 2013

1.4.2. 38 Maps that Explain the Global Economy

1.4.3. Global Financial Centers Index, 2012

1.4.4. Here's How Dangerous the Koch Brothers Really Are

1.4.5. ICIJ Offshore Leaks Maps

1.4.6. Inside the $400-million political network backed by the Kochs

1.4.7. Kochtopus: The Influence of Koch Cash

1.4.8. State of Power 2013

1.4.9. State of Power 2014: A Corporate Planet

1.4.10. The Capitalist Network that Runs the World

1.4.11. World Bank Contracts

1.5. Imperialism

1.5.1. 14 African Nations Still Pay French Colonial Tax

1.5.2. Map of Countries Britain has Invaded

1.5.3. The Histomap

1.5.4. UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger

1.6. Legal System Corruption

1.6.1. 2014 Economic Freedom Heat Map

1.6.2. Creationism in Public Schools

1.6.3. Freedom of the Press 2013

1.6.4. Dirty Energy Money

1.6.5. Industry’s Influence on US Trade Advisory System

1.6.6. Subsidy Tracker

1.6.7. The Revolving Door Between Gov't And Big Business

1.6.8. TPP Investment Map

1.6.9. Where the Bribes Are

1.6.10. Who Is Pulling the Strings?

1.7. Military Industrial Complex

1.7.1. Border Patrol Know Your Rights - Constitution Free Zones

1.7.2. Drones US Drone Strike App

1.7.3. Imperialism U.S. and CIA interventions since World War 2 U.S. Empire military footprint U.S. Military buildup in Africa

1.7.4. Surveillance Bloomington, Indiana Security Camera Map Boston Surveillance Camera Map Cincinnati Surveillance Cameras New York Surveillance Cameras NYC Surveillance Camera Project NSA Malware Network Philadephia, Surveillance Cameras Portland Oregon Surveillance Cameras Providence Surveillance Cameras Publicly Installed Surveillance Cameras Timeline of NSA Domestic Spying University of Texas Surveillance Cameras Walled World Washington DC Surveillance Cameras

1.7.5. Trauma Veteran Suicide Rate

1.7.6. War Every US drone strike in Pakistan since 2004 Gaza, Nahr El Barad, and Lebanon maps Gaza War 2014 Information Destruction Through History Iraq Body Count Lie by Lie: A timeline of how we got into Iraq Naval Power in the East China Sea NukeMap NukeMap 3D SyriaDeeply Syria Tracker Time-Lapse of All Nuclear Explosions US Defense Spending in 8 Charts Watch the US drop 2.5 million tons of bombs on Laos Women Under Siege World Beyond War: StatPlanet

1.8. Prison Industry

1.8.1. One Disturbing Reason For Our Exploding Prison Population

1.8.2. PrisonMap

1.8.3. The Sentencing Project

1.9. Police Violence

1.9.1. Botched Paramilitary Police Raids

1.9.2. Dog shootings by police officers 2011-2013

1.9.3. Fatal Encounters (police killings)

1.9.4. Gezi Protest Map

1.9.5. Mapping US military equipment sent to police departments

1.9.6. Military Surplus Equipment to US Police

1.9.7. Murder Map: Deaths by Law Enforcement in San Francisco

1.9.8. National Police Misconduct Project

1.9.9. National Police Misconduct Statistical Report

1.9.10. Objects

1.9.11. National Police Violence Map

2. Bad Outcomes

2.1. Aging Infrastructure

2.1.1. Block by Block, Brooklyn’s Past & Present

2.1.2. How Hard It Is To Get Across U.S. Cities Using Only Bike Lanes

2.1.3. Shaky US Dams

2.2. Climate Change

2.2.1. Comprehensive Climate Central Map Collection Climate Commons Climate Council Infographics Climate Reanalyzer Key Effects of Climate Change National Climate Assessment Real time impact of climate change and Earth’s vital signs Yale Climate Opinion Maps

2.2.2. Drought Dried Out: Confronting the Texas Drought Mountain Snowpack as of March 1, 2015 US Drought Monitor and Shale Development

2.2.3. Emissions Atmospheric carbon dioxide history Carbon Emissons CO2 Capture and Storage Global Emissions Map & Data

2.2.4. Extreme Heat/Cold 1001 Blistering Future Summers Scorcher Warming World

2.2.5. Ice Loss Amount of old ice in Arctic, 1987 - 2013 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes 1979-2012

2.2.6. Sea Rise If All The Ice Melted Sea Rise Map Surging Seas

2.2.7. Severe storms Twisters Worst US Tornado Outbreaks

2.3. Crime

2.3.1. Crimemapping

2.3.2. Crime Reports

2.3.3. Every School Shooting Since Sandy Hook

2.3.4. Gun ownership and homicides map

2.3.5. The True Cost of Gun Violence in America

2.3.6. United Kingdom Peace Index

2.3.7. United States Peace Index

2.3.8. Where Guns Are Easier to Find Than Knowledge

2.4. Disease

2.4.1. How Healthy is Your Community

2.4.2. Most Mortalities By Disease and Country

2.4.3. National Insect & Disease Risk Maps

2.4.4. Obesity Prevalence by State

2.4.5. Vaccine-Preventable Outbreaks

2.5. Ecosystem Damage

2.5.1. Biodiversity Loss 2015 Coral Reef Watch Agricultural Production Under Stress Bison Range and Lakota Territory Countries with the Most Endangered Animals Life Under Threat Losing Our Striipes Our Dwindling Food Variety Red List of Threatened Species Texas Invasives

2.5.2. Comprehensive Earth Observatory Environmental Justice Atlas European Environmental Agency Map Collection If the World's Population Lived LIke... Skytruth The Cost of Environmental Damage by Business Sector The Great Acceleration: A Planetary Dashboard

2.5.3. Pollution Bay Area Sewage Treatment Plants and Spills California Sanitary Sewer Overflows EPA Civil & Criminal Cases 2014 Interactive Air Pollution Map Mapping Local Air Pollution in New York Ocean Garbage Gyres Poisoned Places Polluting Power Plants in the US Space Junk Map & Video Waterkeeper Swim Guide Worst Plastic Offenders

2.5.4. Resource Depletion Water 25 Top Water Users in Austin in 2011 Agricultural Exposure to Water Stress Aqueduct Country and River Basin Rankings Aquaduct: Measuring, mapping & understanding global water risks Aquatic Dead Zones Draining California Drinking California Dry Gallons of Water per Ounce of Food Great Lakes Environmental Assessment and Mapping Project Here's Where Farms Are Sucking The Planet Dry How Water Cuts Could Affect Every Community in California It Takes How Much Water to Grow an Almond?! The Colorado River Water Risk Atlas Water Use Infographic Forests Eyes on the Forest Eyes on the Forest- Illegal Palm Oil out of Tesso Nilo National Park Global Forest Change Global Forest Watch US Forest Service Threat Maps

2.6. Emergency/Disaster

2.6.1. RSOE EDIS Emergency and Disaster Information Service

2.7. Inequality/Human Rights Violations

2.7.1. Colonization 500 Years of European Colonialsm Africa, Uncolonized Evicted and Abandoned First Nations and Treaties Map Israeli- Palestinian Apartheid The Invasion of America Watch Walmart take over America

2.7.2. Discrimination Gay Rights in the US, State by State Impact of laws attacking women’s health in the south LGBT RIghts across Africa LGBTI Legal Discrimination by Country The Color of School Closures The Totally Unfair and Bitterly Uneven ‘Recovery’ in 12 Charts Unequal development, Selective Investments Vulnerable Populations Footprint (U.S)

2.7.3. Gentrification Anti-eviction Mapping Project Austin Housing Boom and Bust Cycles Austin’s Changing African-American Landscape Ellis Acts Committed Against Seniors & Disabled Inside Airbnb

2.7.4. Hate ADL Global 100: Antisemitism Geography of Hate Hate Map United States of Hatred

2.7.5. Immigration Deaths per Thousand at European Borders The U.S. Immigration Detention Boom

2.7.6. Missing People Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women Missing in Mexico’s drug war

2.7.7. Prison World Prison Populations and Incarceration Rates

2.7.8. Racism 15 Charts that Prove We’re Far from Post-racial Map of 73 Years of Lynching

2.7.9. Segregation City Maps by Median Income How Segregated is New York City? People of Color Live in Neighborhoods with More Air Pollution Racial Segregation of the US The World of 7 Billion US Median Net Worth

2.7.10. Slavery Percentage of the Population that is Enslaved (2013)

2.7.11. Sexism SafeCity

2.7.12. Wealth Inequality 5 maps that show how divided the US is Adult Americans with debt in collections America’s insane class system Big Gains for the 1 Percent of the 1 Percent Geography of Jobs Hardest Places to Live in the US How far your paycheck goes in 356 U.S. cities How the World’s Countries Compare on Income Inequality Income Inequality Charts Mapping Poverty in America Minimum Wages of the World Missing Workers (left the work force) No Equal Pay for Women in US Racial Wealth Gap Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks The Middle Class Has Gotten Smaller In Every State Since 2000 The Real State of the Union in 33 Maps The wealth gap between the rich and the poor in San Francisco The worst places to be a worker Toilet Map of India US Counties with Highest Property Taxes Where do low-wage workers call home?

2.8. Privatization

2.8.1. Mass privatization of BC’s forests

2.8.2. Meet the Bullies Behind Public School Privatization

2.8.3. Michigan School District Support Service Privatization 2008

2.8.4. Open Access Button - Paywall Hits

2.8.5. Park Land Heist to Build a Golf Course

2.8.6. Privately Owned Public Space

2.8.7. Privatization Barometer

2.8.8. Public School Shakedown Legislation Map

2.9. Resource Grab

2.9.1. Arctic Land Grabs

2.9.2. Banned Books by the Numbers

2.9.3. Base de datos de conflictos mineros, proyectos y empresas mineras en América Latina

2.9.4. Drinking California Dry

2.9.5. Ethiopia’s Stolen Land

2.9.6. Global Land Grab Map

2.9.7. Mapping conflicts between Indigenous peoples and corporations in Latin America

2.9.8. Territorial Claims to the South China Sea

2.9.9. The new scramble for Africa

2.9.10. Where will the world’s water conflicts erupt?

2.9.11. Useful Africa

2.10. Terrorism

2.10.1. Digital Attack Map: Top daily DDoS attacks worldwide

2.10.2. Global Terrorism Database

2.10.3. Global Terrorism Index

2.10.4. Terrorist Attacks in 2012

2.10.5. Terrorist Attacks in Southern Russia 1992 - 2012