Profit Center Ideas For A Real Estate Office

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Profit Center Ideas For A Real Estate Office by Mind Map: Profit Center Ideas For  A Real Estate Office

1. Mike Vanderheyden - Broker Ideas

1.1. 2 key focus points

1.1.1. 1. Agent mobility

1.1.2. 2. Lead generation


2.1. Take HUD Homes - syndicate to top video sites

2.2. Broker is generating 140 leads per day

2.2.1. Funnel leads to a 30 person mortgage company

2.2.2. Scrub the leads - pass good leads on to agents for a referral fee

3. Outsourced graphic designer

3.1. Find one on

3.2. Give as resource for agents to use

3.3. Let agents pay for designer, you don't manage any of it, just make the connection

4. At closing charge agents $100 (or more) for you to stay in touch with the past clients, over 5 years. Every month send a postcard, 60 postcards over 5 years, cost less than $60 to get printed and sent.

5. Notes Provided by

6. Mortage Company

6.1. More profitable when busy

6.2. Yet always profitable

7. Title Company

7.1. More consistent profit

7.2. Get business from in house agents

7.3. Gets business from outside lenders as well

7.4. Girls working in the company have a great relationship with outside companies and lenders

7.4.1. Before we started mortgage company, girls had relationships with outside mortgage companies

7.5. 70% of revenue generated by the office

7.6. 30% of revenue generated by the outside agents

8. Increasing the value of an agent

8.1. What services can you help agents with to do a better job and build a successful business? Do it for them and charge.

8.2. Add a title company

8.3. Add a mortgage company

9. Enhanced Listing Program from

9.1. Buy in bulk

9.2. Charge a higher price to agent

9.3. Price still cheaper for an agent, agent wins

9.4. Broker wins

9.5. All agents participate

10. Short Sale Commander

10.1. Company buys a group discount

10.2. Agent pays double what you pay

10.3. But agent still pays 50% less than if they bought on their own

10.4. Rolling it out to agents softly

10.4.1. 53% said no

10.4.2. 47% said yes

10.4.3. Moved forward with the 47%

10.4.4. Meet one time per month, asked agents if interested at the meeting, and got feedback

11. Leasing office space

11.1. Title company

11.2. Mortgage company

11.3. Home inspection service

11.4. Appraisal services

11.5. Homeowners insurance co

12. Biggest Expenses

12.1. Office space - large square foot offices

12.1.1. Consider making your occupied space smaller, and leasing out empty space to outside complimentary companies

12.2. Staff and payroll

12.2.1. Instead of staffing every office location - make a central processing location, decrease overhead tremendously

12.3. Invoicing the agents for monthly - getting paid

12.3.1. Use to invoice the agents Integrates with Google Checkout Get monthly invoices via email See who's deliquent Who's behind Setup automatic late payment fees Setup reminder emails Alternative to freshbooks -

13. Proprietary Training Software System

13.1. Creating a video vault that teaches agents anything from...

13.1.1. Creating a squeeze page

13.1.2. Creating a facebook page

13.1.3. Basically anything that helps the agents generate leads

13.2. Hiring outsources to do this stuff for the agents, charge the agents

13.3. Charge agents for the training so that they value and use it

14. Lead Generation

14.1. Websites

14.1.1. Having lender offset the expense of paying for those leads

14.1.2. Have lender scrub the leads instead of paying someone to do it