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Social Media Club is a Practical Internship in Social Media Best Practices by Mind Map: Social Media Club is a Practical Internship in Social Media Best Practices
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Social Media Club is a Practical Internship in Social Media Best Practices

We have a mission

Media Literacy

Find and organize all the best Introduction to Social Media presentations, classes, discussions, cartoons, videos, blog posts etc… There are a lot of ‘here is what you need to know about social media‘ lists out there as well – where are they, which ones are the best. If you have some materials to submit, or if you run across some good material, can you please join this project by submitting your introduction to Social Media materials on the Social Media Club wiki.

Sharing Lessons Learned

We are building a section on Social Media Champions – the people inside of organizations who fought for engaging customers, employees and the broader market through Social Media. We are looking for champions to fill out an online interview form and will be publishing the findings on the Social Media Club blog and some of them in the book. In short, we want to discover how you overcame the objections of management, what worked for you and what didn’t. Or more simply, how did you go from weird outsider to welcomed champion? Go to the Champions project page on the wiki for more information.

Encourage Adoption of Industry Standards

Leverage our collective expertise to further promote key industry standards such as Creative Commons, Open ID, Data Portability, the Open Web Foundation and others. In principle it would be great if we could do work along the lines of what Chris Messina et al did with Spread Firefox – find ways to expand awareness and explain these key standards to more everyday folks, business decision makers and others.

Promote Ethical Behavior

This is tougher to get a project going in this area since it is more of a matter of discussion, but from that principle, comes the idea for our first project. We are starting a discussion about how membership in Social Media Club can serve as a ‘trusted mark’ for people to know that someone is ethical, understands social media and is committed to the advancement of the industry. There are more and more people claiming to be ’social media experts’ while more and more of us are shunning such titles, realizing we are merely practitioners who are learning more each day. Everyone I know is concerned with what we do about the schemers and con-artists who are getting into social media with a ‘get rich quick’ mentality. How do we help people avoid those who are selling the snake oil and find those businesses, service providers and people who are really doing good work? Go to the Project Page on our Wiki and join the discussion. You should also check out this recent blog post by Kristie Wells aggregating some of the biggest ethical issues in Social Media today.

Monthly hands-on practice


Develop your leadership skills by volunteering to carry out duties for your local chapter. You will find that you need to reach out to others for help. This is a great opportunity to showcase your skills as a leader.

Event organizing

Event organizing is a small practicum of a marketing campaign. By getting the mechanics of planning our monthly meetings, you will gain valuable experience when it comes time to organize your marketing plan.

Event promotion

It's time to practice what you preach. How are you going to promote our monthly meetings?

Proof of Concept


What works and what doesn't?

How much can you accomplish with a small or no budget?

What are others doing that works for them?


Media professionals

Social media professionals

Others who are entering the field


Learn from others in the field

Learn from guest speakers