Time Management

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Time Management by Mind Map: Time Management

1. Do not be a procrastinator

1.1. Do not put off what can be done now

2. Reward yourself

2.1. Get something for yourself

3. Set yourself time-bound goals

3.1. once you set a time for a certain task you need to do the task at that time

4. Focus on one task at a time

4.1. Do the easier task first

5. Master the art of scheduling

5.1. Value your time

6. Do not multitask

6.1. Take your time multitasking will only take up more time

7. Make a list

7.1. Put your task in order

8. Put your list of things to do from easiest to hardest

8.1. make your work easier for yourself

9. Have Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation

9.1. encourage yourself and be encourage by others

10. Leverage

10.1. Use your tools wisely and eliminate unnecessary activities