Ultimate Launch Formula

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Ultimate Launch Formula by Mind Map: Ultimate Launch Formula

1. Module 2 - "Product Creation"

1.1. Do what's already working (you don't need to reinvent the wheel!)

1.1.1. Research WSO Pro (WarriorPlus.com) Sales Conversions Bumps Refund Rate WSO Of The Day JVZoo (JVZoo.com)

1.1.2. Modeling Similarities and Differences Look at their offer How is it different? What does it do for the customer? Buy the product! Find out what's "inside the box" Read the reviews on the thread See what people love See what they hate The point is: LISTEN to what customers want.

1.1.3. If You Don't Already Have A Product, Yet Still Want To Sell To The MMO Niche Software People love software because it makes their life easier. Can you get the rights to software? Graphics Outsource using the resources mentioned before Interviews How to find people that will let them interview you How to structure the interview Leverage their proof and following Tools / Resources Licensing Evergreen information products Software Other Case studies Swipe files/Resources

1.2. Product formatting

1.2.1. Stack the value "Put a lot of stuff in the box"

1.2.2. Format impacts value Coaching > Video > Audio > Text Use as many formats as possible Ex: Convert a video into an audio MP3, and have that converted into a transcript Reuse, repackage existing product material

1.2.3. Design matters Keynote/Powerpoint www.graphicriver.net www.prezi.com Camtasia, Screenflow, or Screencast-o-matic Cover Design www.myecovermaker.com

2. Module 3 - "Funnels"

2.1. Conversions

2.1.1. You sell the angle (benefit) Quick Happens overnight Even better...happens today! Easy "Watch over my shoulder" Templates Done for you Copy and paste This is why "1-click" software sells like hotcakes to this market New Buyers, especially MMO buyers, have an insatiable appetite for cutting-edge strategies.

2.1.2. Just look at what sells and sell it!

2.2. Copywriting

2.2.1. Offers + Bullets

2.2.2. Bencivenga's 4 P's Problem Promise Proof Proposition

2.2.3. Upsell Copywriting Thank them Relate it to what they purchased Here's what I've got... Contrast price (and discount you're giving just for warriors) with something else that's way more expensive... Here's what it's gonna do for you... Here's how to get it

2.3. Funnels

2.3.1. Overview Front End ($7 - 9.97) @ 100% commissions OTO 1 ($27 - $47) @ 50% commissions ("done for you" seems to work best) Ex 1: Email templates Ex 2: Phone script Ex 3: Upgraded licenses (software) OTO 2 ($17 - $197) @ 50% commissions Consider doing a monthly recurring!

2.3.2. Dime Sales - Tend to increase conversions by at least 50%! Increase by 1 cent EVERY sale! (front end) Increase by 5 cents on EVERY upsell! (optional)

2.3.3. "Crazy Guarantee" Double guarantee 1. 100% money back 2. 200% money back (proof needed)

3. Module 4 - "Launch Management"

3.1. Two types of launches

3.1.1. 1. Traditional JV Launch Get a bunch of affiliates on board, everyone promotes at once (a ton of sales, then fizzles out...) Pre-Launch Post Launch

3.1.2. 2. Evergreen Launch You drive traffic mainly by "bumping" your WSO or paying for your own traffic (banners, Facebook, etc.) Not much to discuss here... Great days to bump, believe it or not, because there is wayyyy less competition. Your thread will stay in the top 20 for much longer.

4. Module 1 - "Mindset"

4.1. Myths discussed (text in members area)

4.2. Launch Success Pyramid

4.2.1. MOST IMPORTANT: Good product it is easier than you think

4.2.2. 2nd Marketing

4.2.3. 3rd Delivery

4.2.4. Most people have it other way around

4.3. Take massive action