Shenzen Bat Is Born

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Shenzen Bat Is Born by Mind Map: Shenzen Bat Is Born

1. Sensor System

1.1. No Sensors

1.1.1. Reflectance Sensor Array (Pololu QTR-8RC) IR sensor array (Pololu QTR-8A) Bluetooth Triangulation Reflectance Sensor Array (With PID Control) Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04) Visualize Error Offset (directional changes) Rotation Speed Sensor

1.1.2. Colour Sensor (Wall bounding)

2. Chassis Design

2.1. Rod chassis

2.1.1. 3D Printed Chassis Custom Wheels Laser Cut Chassis Speed Sensor Slit Suspended Sensor Array Two-tier Laser Cut Chassis

3. Coding

3.1. Voltage Interruption

3.1.1. Sensor Array Reflectance Sensor Array QTR Library: Average/Comparative sensor readings (Vary full speed between wheels [0:1 | 1:1 | 1:0 ]) IR Sensor Array Custom Line Following Script (analog values)

4. Motor Assembly

4.1. DC Motor (Continuous Voltage)

4.1.1. One motor two spindles 2 Independent DC motors (5V 83RPM) 2 Metal DC Motors (6V 100RPM)

5. Motor Control

5.1. 1:1 Voltage to spindles

5.1.1. 1:1 voltage to DC motors Left / Right control H-Bridge Motor Drivers (Tandem DC motors) Reversible Direction (Inverted voltage) Single wheel (passive) and Two wheel (active) turning Constant Driving Variable speed Bluetooth Keylogging (Keyboard control)

5.1.2. Potentiometer Speed

5.1.3. Polarity switches (manual reverse)