The Bully - Paul Langan "Overcoming High School's Biggest Fear"

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The Bully - Paul Langan "Overcoming High School's Biggest Fear" by Mind Map: The Bully - Paul Langan "Overcoming High School's Biggest Fear"

1. INTRO: In the novel, "The Bully" Paul Langan describes the experiences of Darrel Mercer, a new student at Bluford High who has just moved to town from Philadelphia. Darrel very quickly realizes the adversity that was to be upon him. Throughout the novel the situation of Darrel being bullied by a local boy from his neighborhood displayed the high school experience, personal attributes to life while being a teenager and violence. These things all disturb the peace of matriculation and add to the normal stressors in life. There needs to be a way to stop bullying in various situations. While school-aged bullying can have an adverse effect on its victims, not victim is defenseless.

2. I) High School Experience

2.1. 1)Friends a. Making friends in a new neighborhood b. Finding a niche. Darrel's old group of friends provided safety and security in numbers and strength. c. A bully who has been in the neighborhood longer than the new kid will more easily be able to persuade other kids to shun the new kids out of fear.

2.2. 2)Relationships a.. Lack of confidence due to bullying can weaken the will to pursue. b. When the bully is associated to someone else you are in a relationship with then there will be added pressure.

2.3. 3) School Performance a. Grades will fall b. Lack of focus on work due to constant fear c. Classroom Disruptions

3. II) Personal Well-Being

3.1. 1)Safety

3.1.1. is a necessity

3.1.2. a. Real and perceived hurt, harm or danger

3.1.3. b. Hierarchy of needs- the need to feel secure to function properly as a human/Assurance of well being

3.1.4. c. Fight or flight: Stand ground or leave/submit Leaving/submitting to a bully normally means the bully succeeds in their objective. Fighting can have eiher a positive or negative consequence If the person deont win the fight then they could be seriously hurt. If the person does win the fight they could either get in trouble .

3.2. 2.Self- Esteem

3.2.1. a. Bullying can have a negative overall effect on psychological processes as well as confidence overall. Low confidence Negative demeanor/approach to life health complaints sadness loneliness loss of interest anxiety depression

3.2.2. b. Confidence builders/dealing with a bully from victims standpoint Act aware, calm, respectful and confident, even if your not. Leave in a powerful manner Set boundaries with other people use your voice protect your feelings speak up for positive inclusion be persistent in getting adult help use physical self defense as last resort

4. Research Question?? How is bullying stopped in various situations?

5. III)Deliquency

5.1. 1.Reason for Bullying

5.1.1. a. Bully has been bullied

5.1.2. b. the bully is lonely

5.1.3. c. The bully has problems at home

5.1.4. d. Low self esteem

5.1.5. e. Jealousy

5.1.6. f. Impressing other people

5.1.7. g. Big ego

5.1.8. h. sees victim as being different

5.2. 2.How to help a bully

5.2.1. a. Talk to the child

5.2.2. b. find reasoning for behavior

5.2.3. c. confirm behavior isn't a disablilty

5.2.4. d. develop action plan

5.2.5. e. teach empathy, respect and compassion

5.2.6. f. provide consequences

5.2.7. g. teach by example

5.2.8. h. be realistic

5.2.9. I. talk with school personnel

5.2.10. j. seek help from community

6. Conclusion: The novel "The Bully" was not directly relevant to my childhood but from many of the experiences that I heard of, this situation does very well match what could really happen. I believe it to send a very encouraging message to young people about confidence and in a positive way, real enough for them to relate and find a conducive way to deal with their problems. Although the solution to the issue is not going to be the same for everyone, the outline of how to cooperate in that situation is is very appealing.