Simple Machines

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Simple Machines by Mind Map: Simple Machines

1. Levers

1.1. 1st Class

1.1.1. Screwdriver

1.1.2. The position of the fulcrum is always located between the input and output force

1.1.3. Helps make more complexe machines

1.2. 2nd Class

1.2.1. Wheelbarrow

1.2.2. Out put force is located between the input force and fulcrum

1.2.3. Makes work seem easier

1.3. 3rd Class

1.3.1. Golf Club

1.3.2. Input force is located between the fulcrum and the output force

1.3.3. Mechanical advantgae helps make work easier

1.4. A rigid bar that is free to move around a fixed point

1.5. Levers help with work

1.6. The fixed point the bar rotates around is called the fulcrum

2. Incline Planes

2.1. A slanted surface along which a force moves an object to a different elevation

2.2. Stairs

2.3. Inclined planes help with work by making it easier to lift things to a higher elevation

3. Wedge

3.1. A V-shaped object whose sides are two inclined planes sloped toward each other

3.2. Axe, Zipper

3.3. Wedges use mechanical advantage to do work

4. Screw

4.1. An inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder

4.2. A screw

4.3. Screws with threads that are closer together have a greater mechanical advantage making them more efficient for work

5. Wheel and Axle

5.1. A simple machine that consists of two disks or cylinders, each one with a different radius

5.2. Steering wheel, screwdriver

5.3. Uses mechanical advantage to do work

6. Work

6.1. Change of position when force is applied

6.2. W = F * D

6.3. Joules

6.4. Moving a desk, moving a pencil

6.5. Work is what simple machines do

7. Power

7.1. The rate you at which you do work

7.2. P = W/T

7.3. Watts

7.4. 2 runners running

7.5. Which simple machine is better

8. Mechanical Advantage

8.1. tells how much a machine multiplies force or increases distance.

8.2. for force MA = O/I for distance or MA = I/O

8.3. No units

8.4. Two different tires

8.5. Compares which machine is better

9. Pulley

9.1. A simple machine that consists of rope that fits into a groove in a wheel

9.2. Construction workers moving blocks of cement

9.3. Pulley uses mechanical advantage to lift things