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10x Rule by Mind Map: 10x Rule

1. 1. 10x your Target -> Problems -> Actions

1.1. Current Target is probably not exciting you enough

1.1.1. So 10x it

1.2. You will have 10x more obstacles & Problems

1.3. You will have to take 10x more action

2. 2. Incremental Goals/Mediocre are BAD

2.1. Average goals are not exciting

2.2. They don't bring out the passion in you

2.3. GRAY Zone

2.4. Mediocre, Un-inspired Action

2.5. No Fuel in the Tank

2.6. Nothing that is pushing you to greatness

2.7. More likely to Fail

2.8. 1000 books

2.8.1. 500 books 100 books

3. 3. Love Problems

3.1. You will never run out of them

3.2. They will only get Bigger

3.3. If you are the kind who wants to avoid problems

3.3.1. This book, this channel is not for you

3.4. Bigger your problems -> Bigger your life

3.5. Problems = MEals

3.5.1. I need them to make me bigger

3.6. Make yourself bigger than the problem

4. 4. Commit 1st - Figure out Later

4.1. General Patton

4.1.1. A good plan VIOLENTLY executed now, is better than a perfect plan executed a week from now

4.2. As soon as you come in contact with the real world, All your plans will be useless

4.3. My story of moving from Physics to EE

4.4. You can't anticipate the problems that come as a result of real world

5. 5. Success is your obligation and responsibility

5.1. Your duty

5.2. Your moral obligation

5.3. Che Guerra

5.3.1. A revolution is not a ripe apple that falls off the tree

5.3.2. You have to shake up the tree

5.4. 100% ownership

5.4.1. If its going to be, its up to me