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SchnitzelConf Panel by Mind Map: SchnitzelConf Panel

1. Legend

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2. Where?

2.1. Where will Schnitzelconf be held? In a nasty 1980s hotel ballroom? NO! In a sea of fusty faux red velour that's been crushed by 5 decades of butts in suits? No! Behind the lion, up the stairs… Yes, we're holding our conference in Vienna's incredible Museum of Natural History! It's the center of everything, and so easy to get to, with scenery that can't be beat. And, by the way, we'll have the museum to ourselves. We'll have snacks and lunch in this very (gorgeous) lobby, and the gorgeous staircases and scenery will be ours to look upon while we munch, chat, query, and connect. It's gonna rule!

3. What?

3.1. You'll meet and learn from the founders of successful bootstrapped businesses—including Software as a Service, downloadable software, and digital goods. Hard-won knowledge will be shared. Fun will be had. Wine will be drunk. Inspiration will be sparked.

4. When?

4.1. SchnitzelConf is a 1-day, full-contact conference in Vienna, Austria on September 7. The focus: creating products, launching businesses, and charging real money.

5. Panel Discussion 1 solo and emerging businesses

5.1. Geoffrey Grosenbach Seattle, WA

5.1.1. Question 1 payment processing hiring what I can and most need to delegate

5.1.2. Question 2 About 9 months

5.1.3. Question 3 3 Daves Dave from Seattle that engineered a better coffee Dave Eggers

5.1.4. Question 4 Sure! nice to be the one in charge now, and able to shape the course of the business

5.1.5. Question 5 hiring at least one person, maybe two could be a nice sweetspot this would allow me to work on other things that are more enjoyable

5.2. Paul Campbell Dublin, IE

5.2.1. Question 1 Sales putting a value on your product, enough to sell it.

5.2.2. Question 2 Goal: to get in a position to buy a computer if I wanted to. Travel to where ever I wanted to. Was in debt until this past May 6 month goal I haven't done enough sales there's no guarantee things are going to work out.

5.2.3. Question 3 Tom Preston-Werner Amy Hoy Tobias Lütke

5.2.4. Question 4 I've never had a day job

5.2.5. Question 5 to do good work an organization is organically forming see what happens

5.3. Questions

5.3.1. What has been the biggest thing you've put off, avoided or tried to get around

5.3.2. How long did it take you until you could live off your product?

5.3.3. Who are your role models and why?

5.3.4. Has it all been worth it?

5.3.5. Where do you want to grow?

5.4. Peldi Guilizzoni Bologna, IT

5.4.1. Post your position and mission statement out on a blog let others see it -> they'll get excited about it!

5.5. Garrett Dimon Dallas, TX

5.5.1. Question 1 Hiring hesitant to bring others on board - equity is an empty promise "Share information - don't be afraid of others copying you."

5.5.2. Question 2 1.5 years could have been 9 months, if I hadn't bought a house in the middle didn't want to put off getting married because of a business

5.5.3. Question 3 Peldi Guilizzoni love the family approach Amy Hoy Tobias Lütke I'm so excited about going to work with likeminded people

5.5.4. Question 4 Absolutely

5.5.5. Question 5 My goal is to get to 3-5 people pour ourselves into it

5.6. Tobias Lütke Ottawa, ON

5.6.1. Have fun hiring sales people they love what they do, so let them do it they'll go through 10-20 companies until they find the right company/product that matches their style