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M:tG Basics by Mind Map: M:tG Basics

1. Cards

1.1. Anatomy

1.1.1. Back Front

1.2. Types

1.2.1. Lands Can play one land per turn Tap land to create mana

1.2.2. Spells Instants Creatures Enchantments Artifacts

2. Concept

2.1. Two wizards meet...

2.2. Of course you know, this means war!!!

2.3. Each starts at 20 life

2.4. When you reach zero you lose.

3. Mana

3.1. The Symbols

3.2. Gots ta have it!

3.3. Tap land to get it

3.4. Cast spells to use it

4. Turn parts

4.1. Beginning Phase

4.1.1. Untap You 'tap' a card to indicate it is used this turn. This means turn it 90 degrees Each turn you get to untap all cards Sometimes other effects tap/untap cards.

4.1.2. Upkeep

4.1.3. Draw

4.2. Pre-combat Main phase

4.3. Combat Phase

4.3.1. Begining

4.3.2. Declare Attackers

4.3.3. Declare blockers

4.3.4. First Strike Damage Assign Resolve

4.3.5. Normal Damage Assign Resolve

4.4. Post-combat Main Phase

4.5. End Phase

4.5.1. Beginning

4.5.2. Cleanup

5. Legend

5.1. Everything can be played: creatures, sorceries, enchantments, artifacts, instants and abilities.

5.2. You can only play one land per turn.

5.3. Instants and abilities can be played

5.4. Nothing can be played