Upside of Stress - Kelly McGonigall

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Upside of Stress - Kelly McGonigall by Mind Map: Upside of Stress -  Kelly McGonigall

1. Common Stressors/Pressure Situations

1.1. Test/Exam

1.2. Hitting Revenue Goals/Targets

1.3. Making a cold call

1.4. Approaching a prospect

1.5. Running out of money or time in your venture

1.6. Sports

1.7. Another year is going by

1.8. Not living up to your expectations

1.9. Performing in your job

1.10. Starting a business

2. Dr Kelly McGonigal

2.1. Upside of Stress

2.2. Stanford Professor

2.3. Research based

3. In face of stress/pressure: Challenge v/s -Threat Response

3.1. Performing Under Pressure: Experimental Study of GRE test takers

3.1.1. Group 1 Taught to see pressure and anxiety as beneficial Scored 65 points higher (out of 800)

3.1.2. Group 2 Taught that pressure affects cognition

3.2. threat - fight or flight

3.2.1. Body is anticipating blood loss Physical Hurt

3.2.2. Blood Vessels constrict

3.2.3. Inflammation up

3.2.4. Immune cells mobilized for healing

3.2.5. Emotions - Fear, Anger, Doubt

3.2.6. Performance diminished Reduced blood flow to your brain

3.2.7. Fight or flight

3.3. challenge - Courage

3.3.1. More like a workout Stronger heart beat Maximized blood flow Excited Blood vessels dilated

3.3.2. Blood vessels relaxed

3.3.3. Greater blood flow to brain greater brain volume

3.3.4. lower blood pressure

3.3.5. Stress-Performance relationship Performance enhanced

3.3.6. Not fully Calm under pressure But Excited to take it on

3.3.7. Increased focus

3.4. TRUTH

3.4.1. Our body and mind respond according to the way we perceive the situation

3.5. Exercise

3.5.1. It is a CHALLENGE and I can handle it It is a source of energy It is exciting Embrace the nerves

3.5.2. Reframe Past Stressful situations Think of  a past situation that was stressful Write about the kind of stress response you had when you encountered that situation Physical Emotional How was the stress response trying to help you? Not calm Heart Beating faster Stressed/excited Embrace the stress and challenge Now write about how you will harness the challenge response in future situations like this

4. Is Stress Bad for you?

4.1. 30K Adults over 8 Years

4.1.1. How Much stress do you experience daily High Is stress harmful for you? Low

4.2. All about your perception

4.2.1. Threat? Bad for me I hate it

4.2.2. Challenge Growth TO become better Stronger

4.3. Lack of Stress is dangerous

4.3.1. Retirement for every extra yr of early retirement 2 months of life expectancy lost

4.3.2. Purpose causes stress But it is important for well being

4.4. Exercise

4.4.1. Meaningful life = Stressful Life Stressed Out v/s Living on Purpose 1. List out top 5 stressors 2. Write out how each of them relates to your bigger goals/purpose 3. Realize and accept that the path to greatness/meaning/purpose will be stressful Diamonds are the result of EXTREME stress

5. Social Effects of Stress

5.1. Study

5.1.1. 1000 adults 34-93 yrs old

5.1.2. Experiencing stress Every major stressor in life - divorce, job loss etc +30% risk of death

5.1.3. How much time have you spent helping others A lot Every major stressor in life - divorce, job loss etc

5.2. Stress Makes you Social

5.2.1. Releases Oxytocin Protects your heart Helps Regenerate heart cells And heal from stress induced damage And hence strengthens your heart Natural Ant-Inflammatory blood vessels stay relaxed Primes you to do things to strengthen relationships Increases empathy

5.2.2. Oxytocin is a stress hormone Pumped out when we are stressed It is motivating you to seek support/bond with others Protects your cardiovascular system from stress

5.2.3. When you reach out to help others or seek support you release more oxytocin

5.3. Exercise

5.3.1. HELP others Go connect with others GO help others 1. List out people who need help 2. Create an appointment with them

6. Threat to Challenge Exercises

6.1. Values

6.1.1. Write about your values every morning/night 1. Write down your 3 most fundamental values 2. How are you meeting them every day with your actions How your values align with your actions 3. How do you plan to take action today to live by your values

7. Top performers are not calm under pressure

7.1. Top performers have

7.1.1. Strong challenge response Better access to Mental resources Physical Resources Enhances concentration

7.2. Bruce Springsteen

7.3. Exercise

7.3.1. Stress Innoculation Astronauts Physical Workout Create your own stress innoculation experiment Repeated Exposure to whatever is stressing you Exposure to Pressure situations

8. More Brain chemistry of stress response

8.1. Growth Index of Stress Response

8.1.1. DHEA level/Cortisol level dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA is a critical component for brain function and cognition.

8.2. When viewed as threat

8.2.1. Cortisol is high

8.3. When viewed as challenge

8.3.1. DHEA is high

8.4. DHEA

8.4.1. Helps your brain grow stronger as you stress it

8.4.2. Increases neuroplasticity

8.5. Exercise

8.5.1. Just Another Cold Dark Night on the side of Everest Just another cold dark night on the side of everest What do you expect when you are climbing Everest?

8.5.2. Cold night on the climb up to everest?


9.1. I am ENOUGH

9.2. I can Handle Life