Petronas Hari Raya 'No Charge'

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Petronas Hari Raya 'No Charge' by Mind Map: Petronas Hari Raya 'No Charge'

1. Visual techniques

1.1. What is in the shot?

1.2. What is in the shot?

1.2.1. Man, son, boy, father, family

1.3. What is centered?

1.3.1. Boy and father

1.4. How do the figures move within the frame?

1.4.1. Boy was playing with friends. Father told him to get something. Goes up and down the stairs showing him going and coming back. Boy went threw tantrum. Father stopped mother from following him. Boy read letter. Father tucked boy into bed.

1.5. What effect does the demand have on viewers?

1.5.1. Viewers want to know what happens next due to the storyline.

2. Content

2.1. Is it telling you a story?

2.1.1. Narrative structure. The man remembers his past and tells us a story about his past.

2.2. What is the message/theme of the advertisement?

2.2.1. Is it to promote the forgiving spirit. It is also to promote loving and caring among family members.

2.3. What other details such as props are important in the scene? What are their function and effect?

2.3.1. The kampung scene, the clothes worn and the black and white colour scheme. It tells us that it is happening long ago in the past.

3. Effectiveness

3.1. What is the historical, cultural and/or political context?

3.1.1. It promotes the culture of forgiving one another and loving among family members.

3.2. Does the advertisement capture your attention/make you want to buy the product/use the service? Why?

3.2.1. Yes, it does.

3.2.2. It is telling a story of the past. The man reminiscing.

3.2.3. It has sad and depressing music.

4. Technical Aspects

4.1. Is there music? How and when is it used? What is its effect? What mood does it create?

4.1.1. Yes, there is.

4.1.2. It is used all the time at the background.

4.1.3. It creates a gloomy atmosphere and a sad mood.

4.1.4. Slow and sad.

4.2. Are there other sound effects?

4.2.1. Birds chirping, man's voice, boy's voice, thunder, things dropped, kids playing, paper crunching

4.3. How is the frame lit?

4.3.1. Black and white to resemble the past. And bright coloured to represent the present.

4.4. What camera angles are used here?

4.4.1. Camera angle is changed to change the subject of the scene and to show what is happening.

4.5. Is the shot wide or long? A close up?

4.5.1. There are both wide and long shots as well as close ups.

4.6. What point-of-view do the camera angles suggest? Is the camera acting as the eyes of the audience?

4.6.1. Camera is acting as the eyes of the audience. It is following what is happening to the boy in the advertisement.

4.7. How does the camera move? What effect does camera movement have on viewers?

4.7.1. It follows the boy. It moves to show what is happening so that the viewers will understand the whole story.