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Make your own story by Mind Map: Make your own story

1. Classroom

1.1. Listening to the teacher

1.1.1. You hear a very loud sound Everyone starts to scream and panic There is smoke everywhere, you run out the door and into the schoolyard You run to the door but the door is locked The teacher asks to go see what is going on You go look in the hall way and you see an alien! You go down into the basement where the noise is coming from. Everything is dark. You can't see anything. You feel scared

1.1.2. The intercom asks for you at the principals office Go walk to the principals office but no one is there You walk around the school but you can't find anyone You wait in the principals office for someone to come back. You look outside and you see the principle getting kidnapped by aliens. You walk to the principles office but you get lost. Everything is different, you realize you are in a maze You find a door that you have never seen before. You get through you have to solve a riddle. You take out your magic map that guides you out of the maze

1.2. Looking outside

1.2.1. You see a flash of light There a a big explosion in your school yard. There is smoke, and you can't see anything. You see Super Man come out of the smoke. You see a big hole in the middle of your school yard. The whole sky goes completely dark The earth starts to shake There is loud thunder and lightning

2. Park

2.1. Going for a hike

2.1.1. You hear a strange noise It's a bear It approaches your camping area and is about to come to the tent You decide to go for a walk to see what it is. It's foggy and you can't see ahead.

2.1.2. Your friend gets injured You have no reception and cannot call for help. You stop the bleeding with an extra shirt you have. You start a fire so that someone sees the smoke signal.

2.1.3. It begins to snow You tent collapses Using sticks you put it back up. Your friend starts to shiver uncontrollably You rush to find wood to build a fire

2.1.4. A strange creature appears It approaches the camping ground and starts eating your food. It leaves It attacks one of the campers. The rest of them fight him off.

2.2. Camping

2.2.1. You run out of food You find a stone that gives you all the nutrients you need. A creature in the forest provides you with food.

2.2.2. Your equipment gets stolen An extraterrestrial creature has come you your campground and taken it. He befriends you. He attacks you.

2.2.3. Rain starts pouring down It's ashes from a fight taking place in space. The space ship lands on earth and takes to up to take part in the fight.

2.2.4. The tent you brought has a hole in it It's a meteor that has hit it. You see Superman coming to earth to warn you of the shower that is coming.

2.3. Meeting a friend

2.3.1. He does not show up You call him He is at his house and has planned a surprise lunch for you You decide to go look for him at his house Halfway there, you meet up and go out for an ice cream instead.

2.3.2. He tells you he will be moving next month You are devastated and decide that you will go visit him in the summer You go for two months to Vietnam, where he has moved and have wonderful adventures in Vietnam and traveling with his family in Asia. He is moving very close, just a couple of blocks down. You make a date to help him pack up his room.

2.3.3. He invites you to a picnic You decide to take the sandwich crusts and feed it to the ducks. Your friends falls into the lake as he is feeding the ducks You bake cookies to take to the picnic You forget to turn off the oven and the house starts to smoke.

2.3.4. He brings another friend along with him

3. Zoo

3.1. On a Class Field Trip

3.1.1. You notice the penguins are missing from their cage You find little foot prints and follow them around the zoo, until you reach the dolphin tanks You find the penguins swimming with the dolphins The penguins are not there, instead you find ducks swimming with the dolphins. You notice the door has been unlocked, and search the zoo for someone with the keys. You find the penguins in the janitor's closet. You go to the penguin training center and find them there.

3.1.2. There is a new species discovered that is on display The creature looks very alien Your class is asked do help to an experiment on the creature You are chosen to hold the creature. The creature looks prehistoric, like a dinosaur Your class is asked to do an experiment of the creature You are chosen to hold the creature

3.2. After Dark

3.2.1. You sneak in over the fence after the zoo is closed You go to look at the animals in their cages and realize all the animals are gone. You search and search but can't find the animals anywhere You search and search and eventually find the animals in a back room, a mad scientist is doing experiments on them. You are walking around the zoo at night and hear foot steps behind you. You start to run away and someone is chasing you You turn around to confront whoever it is.

3.2.2. You are on a private tour Someone in your class' dad owns the zoo and they are giving you a tour. At the swan lake they give you a kiss on the cheek. While you are walking by the lemurs they reach out and hold your hand. Your dad's girlfriend is a zoo keeper and she is giving you and your dad a tour. Your dad's girlfriend takes you to the aquarium and you see them kissing behind the fish tank - gross. When you get to the elephant den, your dad gets down on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend.