Social Studies

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Social Studies by Mind Map: Social Studies

1. able to get best talent to serve the country

2. motivate people to work hard eg. schools-edusave scholarships

3. Meritocracy

4. See potential problem and take steps to solve them before they become too difficult to manage.

5. Must be honest and incorruptible

5.1. win trust of the people

6. Explain and convince the people that such policies are unnecessary .

7. Able to make correct decisions even if it is unpopular.

8. Leadership is the key

9. Judiciary

9.1. Interprets law (Ensure law is fair)

10. Executive

10.1. Carry out law (Civil Service)

11. Legislature

11.1. Makes law

12. 1) Manage the country's resource 2)To provide a stable and secure environment for citizens so that 3) quality of life can improve.

13. Role and structure of government

14. Singapore has a parliamentary system of government

15. Opportunities to understand the needs of the people ; and to refers policies if necessary.

16. Principals of Governance

17. Feedback channels

17.1. Media directly to MPs.

17.1.1. Write to Ministries

18. Anticipate Change and stay relevant

19. Reward of work and work for reward

20. A Stake for everyone,opportunities for all

21. Good government must consult the people on its policies

22. People must feel that they are part of the nation building process. (Work together for the benefit of the nations)

23. Eg. Government consuklted the people on the pros and cons of the proposal IR.

24. take measures to stop problem gambling while going ahead with IR