Emerging Media

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Emerging Media by Mind Map: Emerging Media

1. Technological

1.1. Hardware

1.1.1. Mobile Devices Capabilities Apps Cellular Satellite Data Management Markets Gaming Computing Cellular

1.2. Software

1.2.1. Web App (SaaS) Rich Internet Application (RIA) Google Apps Content Delivery Search Ebooks? Social Media Twitter Etc. Networking

1.2.2. Caching/Storage Cloud Tech

1.2.3. Desktop Applications Gaming Massively Multiplayer Multiplayer VOIP e.g. Skype

1.2.4. E-Commerce B2C E.G. Amazon.com User 2 User e.g. Craigslist, Ebay

2. Sociological

2.1. Participatory Journalism

2.1.1. e.g. CNN's "iReport"

2.1.2. Twitter (a la ham radio)

2.2. "Contracting World"

2.2.1. Intercultural Comm

2.2.2. Workplace Changes

2.2.3. News Interests Broaden

2.3. Additional Experiential Reality

2.3.1. Addiction

2.3.2. Esoteric Social Rules Online Rules e.g. posting rules, "flaming" Offline Rules e.g. using cell on train, texting while talking face-to-face, checking email during a meeting

2.4. Human Rights / Quality of Life Implications

2.4.1. Popular Belief

2.4.2. Government Belief

2.4.3. Digital Divide