Phonological Awareness

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Phonological Awareness by Mind Map: Phonological Awareness

1. Hearing syllables

1.1. clapping game

1.2. counting syllables

2. Alliteration

2.1. Spanish

2.1.1. New vocabulary

3. Rhyming

3.1. develops phonological awareness

4. Phonemic awareness

4.1. working at the smallest units of sound

4.1.1. Isolate sounds initiate sounds final sounds middle sounds

4.1.2. Segment phonemes counting, streching out the word

4.1.3. Blend sounds teacher slowly says the word

4.1.4. Manipulate sounds pick out a sound a give another (chair, fair) hardest

5. Reading

5.1. sounds to letters

5.2. text is involved

5.3. children learn alphabetical principles

5.3.1. they beginning to read

5.3.2. they learn rules and patterns about sound letter relationship

6. Sounds and Letters

6.1. Spanish

6.1.1. 1 to 1 correspondence

6.2. English

6.2.1. 26 letters, 44 sounds

6.2.2. no 1 to 1 correspondence

7. Phoneme

7.1. Smallest unit of sound

7.2. Claster of letters

7.3. Tasks

7.3.1. Segmenting

7.3.2. Blending