The Internet and World Wide Web

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The Internet and World Wide Web by Mind Map: The Internet and World Wide Web

1. Internet

1.1. Evolution of the Internet

1.1.1. Home and small business users connect to the Internet Cable Internet service DSL Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) Fixed wireless Cellular Radio Network Wi-Fi Satellite Internet Service

1.1.2. organizations access to the Internet free or for a fee ISP(Internet service provider) Online service provider(OSP) Wireless Internet service provider(WISP)

1.1.3. IP address number that uniquely identifies each computer

1.1.4. Domain name the text version of an IP address – Top‐level domain (TLD)

1.1.5. DNS server translates the domain name into its associated IP address

2. The World Wide Web

2.1. Web browser

2.1.1. Internet Explorer

2.1.2. Firefox

2.1.3. Opera

2.1.4. Safari

2.1.5. Google Chrome

2.1.6. Plug-in that extends the capability

2.2. Web page

2.2.1. called a URL or Web address

2.3. Tabbed browsing

2.3.1. allows you to open and view multiple Web pages

2.4. Search tools

2.4.1. Search engine Images Videos Audio News Maps People or Businesses Blogs

2.4.2. Subject directory

2.5. Types of Web sites

2.5.1. Portal

2.5.2. News

2.5.3. Informational

2.5.4. Business/Marketing

2.5.5. Blog

2.5.6. Wiki

2.5.7. Online Social Network

2.5.8. Educational

2.5.9. Entertainment

2.5.10. Advocacy

2.5.11. Web Application

2.5.12. Content Aggregator

2.5.13. Personal

2.6. Multimedia

2.6.1. Graphics BMP,GIF,JPEG,PNG,TIFF

2.6.2. Animation

2.6.3. Audio music,speech,other sound

2.6.4. Video full‐motion images

2.6.5. Virtual Reality simulate a real or imagined

2.7. Web publishing

2.7.1. Plan a Web site

2.7.2. Analyze and design a Web site

2.7.3. Create a Web site

2.7.4. Deploy a Web site

2.7.5. Maintain a Web site

2.8. E-commerce

2.8.1. Over an electronic network

2.8.2. M-commerce Using mobile devices

2.8.3. Type E-commerce Business to consumer(B2C) Business to business(B2B) Consumer to consumer(C2C)

2.9. Other Internet Services

2.9.1. E-mail Send messages and pictures through Internet

2.9.2. E-mail program Cerate,send,receive,forward,store,print and delete massages

2.9.3. Instant messaging(IM)/real time Chat Chat room VoIP(Voice over IP)

2.9.4. FTP(File Transfer Protocol)

2.10. Netiquette