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The beginning of industrialization by Mind Map: The beginning of industrialization
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The beginning of industrialization

industrial revolution begins in britain.

wealthy landowners

clothed in wool linen an cotton.  this industry was the first to be transformed.  cloth merchants boosted their profits by speeding up the process by which spinners and weavers made cloth.


landowners experimented with more productive seeding and harvesting meathods to boost crop fields.

jethro tull

was one of the first of these scientific farmers.  he created the seed drill in about 1701.  it allowed farmers to sow seeds in well spaced rows at specific depths. a larger share of the seeds took root boosting crop yields.

crop rotation

it proved to be one of the best developments by scientific farmers.


process of developing machine production of goods required such source.

factors of production

the resources needed to produce goods and services that industrial revolution required.

inventions spurs industrialization


cloth merchants boosted their profits by speeding up the process by which spinners and weavers made cloth.

john kay

he made a shuttke that sped back an forth on wheels.this shuttle  a boat shaped piece of wood to which yarn was attached doubled the work a weaver could do in a day.


wealthy textile merchants set up the machine in large buildings.


englands cotton came from plantations in american south in the 1790s.  american cotton production skyrocketed from 1.5 million pounds in 1790 to 85 million pounds in 1810.

improvements in transportation

steam boat

stemmed from the search for a cheap convient source of power.


a person who organizes manages and takes on the risk of a business.

water transportation

steam could also propel boats.  improved with the creation of a network of canals or human made waterways. 

road transportation

equipped road beds with a layer of large stones for drainage.even in heavey weather wagons could travel over the new macadams roads without sinking in the mud.  private investor formed compians that built roads an then operated on them for profit.

the railway age begins

steam driven locomotives

english engineer named richard trevithick won a bet of thosands of dollars. he did this by hualing ten tons of iron over nearly ten miles of track in a steam driven locomotives.

the liver pool manchester railroad

the entreprenueurs of northren england wanted railroad line connected to port of liverpool with inland city of manchester. the track was laid.  in 1829 trial were held to choose the best locomotive for use on the new line.smoke poured from the rocket tall smoke stack an its two pistons pumped to an fro as they drove the front wheels

railroads revolutionize life in britain

rail roads spurred industrial growth by giving manufactors a cheap way to transporting materials an finishing product.  the railroad boom created hundreds of thousands of new jobs for both railroad workers and miners. the railroads boosted englands agricultral an fishing industries which could transport their products to distinct cities.