Terrorism: two views

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Terrorism: two views by Mind Map: Terrorism: two views

1. Protection & justice

1.1. What values are important to this view?

1.1.1. Security

1.1.2. Protecting innocents

1.1.3. Love of fellow countrymen

1.1.4. Justice to criminials

1.2. Why do Muslim terrorists attack?

1.2.1. Proactive against West's values, ideology, and non-Muslim'ness Because of their religion Which promises Paradise Which is perceived to have purpose, value, and hope Because of our values Such as the West's decadence, licentiousness, and moral laxity

1.3. How can the West best respond?

1.3.1. By closing borders and setting up police checks

1.3.2. By choosing immigrants who actually value West's values

1.3.3. By bringing justice to the terrorists

2. Love & unity

2.1. What values are important to this view?

2.1.1. Unity

2.1.2. Love of others

2.1.3. Social Cohesion

2.1.4. Compassion to refugees

2.2. Why do Muslim terrorists attack?

2.2.1. Reactionary against West's aggression Such as the West's military action against them Such as the West's hate/Islamophobia

2.3. How can the West best respond?

2.3.1. By uniting with Muslims around us

2.3.2. By allowing Muslim refugees in

3. Can we hold both views together?

3.1. Questions re values

3.1.1. Is it possible to unite in community as well as effectively deal with law breakers?

3.1.2. Which is more important: love of foreigner, or love of fellow countrymen? Or can they go together?

3.1.3. Is it not possible to be compassionate to refugees, while still recognising some terrorists could be amongst them?

3.2. Questions re acts of terrorism

3.2.1. If someone kills another person, should we blame society, or blame that person, or both?

3.2.2. If we respond in love and unity, but still engage in decadent, licentious and morally questionable behaviour, are we going to win Muslims' hearts?

3.2.3. Is Western secularism and it's nihilism, hopelessness and hedonism driving people to seek deeper spiritual experiences like Islam?

3.2.4. Can we hold reactionary and proactive theories together?

3.3. Questions re response

3.3.1. Would you let a single adult male stranger into your house even if you had young kids or were a woman often at home alone?

3.3.2. Can we show personal love and unity with Muslims, while understanding that security measures must be taken?

3.3.3. How do you actually unite with Muslims or your local mosque? Have you seen anything that gets through?

3.3.4. Can we accept immigrants with different values and work with them to assimilate them?