Race in Latin America

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Race in Latin America by Mind Map: Race in Latin America

1. Rethinking Race in Brazil

1.1. UNESCO- take apart the myth of a non-racist national culture in which "racial democracy" flourished

1.1.1. Text book p. 55-60

1.1.2. Joseph Conrad "Heart of Darkness"

1.2. racial revisionism-had significant limitations tendency to reduce race to class, depriving racial dynamics of their own, autonomous significance

2. Afro-Mexicans

2.1. 1970 emergence of organizations-Center for the investigations and development of black culture & National Movement for the Human Rights of Black Community in Columbia.

2.1.1. Midterm

2.2. ideology of cimarronismo- applied to something domesticated as symbols of resistance to oppression and the continuity of African traditions.

2.3. indigenous identity was institionalized black identity was not

3. Indigenous Communites

3.1. Guarani people from Brazil- theyre land is being taken away from

3.1.1. Research and prepare experiment

3.2. they are being threatened and mistreated by ranchers gunman and they're leaders have been killed

3.3. Zapatista movement started due to mistrust of the government and lack of representation for the indigious people; EZLN declared war to the government taking over Chiapas buildings - Zapatistas wanted autonomy for they're own people, justice and dignity

4. Asian Immigration

4.1. Manila galleon trade-linking China and Japan via the Philippines to Europe in exchange of Mexican silver for oriental goods.

4.1.1. Text book, exercises 34, 35, 36, 37

4.2. 1847-1874: 250,000 Chinese coolies under 8 years contract were sent to Peru and Cuba, destined for the plantation

4.3. Chinese in Mexico entered in commerce as small independent entrepreneurs