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Sociology and the Media by Mind Map: Sociology and the Media
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Sociology and the Media

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In terms of defining the media, sociologists take into account the significance of the media upon our lives in terms of the affect it has upon our identity. Some sociologists are concerned that violence will increase through what the media shows for example.

McQuail (2000), considers the media greatly significant in relation to culture, and through the media, "social reality" is shown, including their "shared identity".


Determinism suggests that the media has a negative and controlling effect upon audiences. The concept sees human behaviour as a fixed consequence on particular experiences. Through this our free choice is either reduced or denied.

In relation to media determinism McLuhan (1964) believes that new media technologies influence us on social change, and that it has an overall effect on our life experiences, society and the world.


Controlling and regulating the media, in order for certain things not to reach the targeted audience. This is done through different ways, i.e. through the government.

There is an important argument on censorship, where some theorists believe that it is not needed due to the fact that the effect of the media on audiences is still unproven.

Research methods of the mass media

Content Analysis