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Science by Mind Map: Science
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What is the difference between a hypothesis and a theory?

Bob: Hypothesis is an educated guess and a theory is a well tested answer that has yet to be proven wrong.

Bob:I will go with this answer instead of mine.

How are scientific models used to support theory?

Bob: A theory must be tested and experimented by many scientist before it can be considered a theory.

Bob:I plan to go with Corinne's answer.

Why do scientific laws come before theories?

Bob: Because they have been proven true, unlike theories have yet to be proven.

Grant: Theories tend to be built off of laws. Laws are like a generalization about something. Since we build off of a foundation known laws, theories come after, and they help explain laws even better.

Joint Answer

What is the difference between a law and a theory?

Both these answers are similar enough.

How has your understanding of the terms hypotheses, theory, and law changed as a result of completing the reading assignments?

How did you guys answer these questions?

Bob: I was unaware that theories are heavily tested before becoming nationally recognized as a theory. I was also unaware that gravity is explained through theory and not law.

Corinne: I agree with ^. I also did not know that there were several types of hypotheses that needed to be tested as well.

Joint Answer

How would you describe the process of scientific discovery? Correctly use the terms law, hypothesis, and theory in your description.

Bob: First one will hypothesize a educated guess as to a solution to a sequence of events that has yet to be explained. Then after many experiments and tests, it then becomes a theory so long as it has not been proven wrong. Then if it is proven consistently correct it will be categorized as a law.

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